How to Install Whatsapp on Android Devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac?

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac

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If you want to access WhatsApp on your device, you can follow the given procedures to install the app without seeing any problem.

How to install WhatsApp on Android Devices?

Steps for WhatsApp Installation for Android Devices

  • At first, you need to open the Google Play Store on your android device.
  • Then using the search bar, find the WhatsApp and click Go.
  • Select the WhatsApp Messenger and click Install.
  • If prompted, click Accept.
  • In this way, the downloading would begin and as the downloading finishes, tap the Open button.
  • Next, you will see Agree and Continue option, tap on it.
  • And fill in your phone number through which you want to use WhatsApp and click OK.
  • Further, you will receive an OTP to verify your phone number, it will be a six-digit code. You need to provide that code and verify your phone number.
  • After that, type a name for your WhatsApp account also set a photo and click Next.
  • This is it! Now, you can create a chat from the available contact and continue using the WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone?

Steps for WhatsApp installation on iPhone

  • First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for WhatsApp through the search bar.
  • Then you will see the Get option, click it. Also, if prompted, click Install.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password, fill it and click Get.
    Once the downloading is finished, click Open. It will ask to access your contact; you can choose any option; OK or Don’t Allow.
  • Further, you have to click Agree and Continue, enter your number, and click Done.
  • You would receive a code, fill out that code and verify the ownership of your phone number.
  • Thereafter, set a photo and type a name for your WhatsApp account.

Now, you can use WhatsApp for chatting, video calling, voice calls, send pictures or documents. Even you can send voice notes to another WhatsApp user across the world without paying any additional charges. All you need is to connect your device with an active internet connection. Also, if you find any problem with the WhatsApp installation, you can contact the WhatsApp support team.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad?

People generally have this misconception that it is hard to install WhatsApp in the apple devices. While it has now become the premier way of installing the WhatsApp in the device, there are still a lot of people who are not aware of the process of installing it on the iPad.

Installing WhatsApp on iPad:

To install WhatsApp on the iPad, you can follow the steps that we are mentioning. These steps are quite easy to follow and you can do this in a few minutes. You can take the help of the customer care executives to understand the process. Let us have a look at the process that has to be followed.

  • The process starts with opening the browser and going to the After the page has been loaded, you will get to the home page of WhatsApp.
  • You have to now tap on the URL and then drag down so that you can reach the area of “Top Drawer”. You can now see the option named “Load desktop site”. You have to tap on that.
  • After the page has been reloaded, you will find the QR code so that you can pair this with the account of the iPhone. With your iPhone, you have to go to the settings and then on WhatsApp web and then scan the QR code that you have been given to link the two devices.
  • Once it is done, the page will reload on your iPad and it will display all your latest conversation as well as settings.

This is how you can install WhatsApp on your iPad. You can take the aforementioned steps and can resolve the issue. You can also connect with the team of apple to get knowledge about the process. They will help you out in this and will also provide you with some tips and guidance.

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