How to Recover Google Account Using Date of Birth?

If you are using a Google account you never have to face any difficulty while recovering your account due to lost username or password. There are several methods to recover your Google account by verifying that you are the right person to get access to this account.

You can use the verification codes that can be sent to your recovery email or recovery phone number for the account recovery, if you don’t have access to your recovery email or phone, still you have a chance to recover your Google account by using other option of security questions and you have to answer it correctly.

It is possible to perform Google account recovery with date of birth if you have setup the security question related to date or date of birth and the answer is setup as your birth date, follow the given steps to recover your Google account by answering the security question:

  • Go to
  • Enter your username or phone number associated with the account.
  • Click on next.
  • Click on try another way and I don’t have access to device, if its showing you the options to use phone or email recovery method.
  • It will prompt you security question, you have to answer it correctly.

Once you are done with answering the security question you can reset your password and sign in to your account using the new password.

How to Change Date of Birth in Google Account?

If you have recently created a new Google account and you have realized later that you have entered any personal detail(s) incorrect or it’s misspelled, you can easily go ahead and correct or change the details quickly by logging in to your Google account.

You can correct your name, Date of birth, gender etc. by logging into your Google account following the given steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Google account on which you want to change or correct the details.
  • In the Google account at the left hand side of the screen you can see the second option Personal info, you have to click on that.
  • You will be able to see the profile information and contact information.
  • Under the profile you can Photo, Name, Birthday, Gender, Password.
  • Whatever you want to edit, correct or change you can click on that, suppose you want to change date of birth in Google account you need to click on Birthday (date of birth).
  • Then click on the pen symbol at the right side of the Birthday on the screen.
  • It will allow you to change the date of birth.

In the same manner you can change any detail of your Google account. On the same Google account page you will get the option to change the privacy settings so that you can manage and control who can be able to see your personal details and who can see your contact details. Also you can click on Go about me to use more options.

How to Set a Keyboard Shortcut to Activate Siri on Mac?

Set of Solution to Know How to Set Keyboard Shortcut to Activate Siri on Mac

Ways to set a Keyboard Shortcut to activate Siri on Mac:

The users may set a Keyboard Shortcut to activate Siri on Mac are mentioned here. Complete explanation of the steps are mentioned here. The users may speak to the experienced technical experts so as to get the issues resolved.

The users need to click on the Apple () symbol present in the menu bar which is present right at the top-left corner of the screen.

  • Then, the user needs to select and choose the System Preferences options.
  • Thereafter, the user needs to click on the Siri icon present in the preferences panel.
  • Finally, the user needs to go to the Keyboard Shortcut drop down menu.
  • The available options to the users are Hold Command Space, Hold Option Space, and Press (fn) Function Space. After this, the user needs to click the Keyboard Shortcut drop down menu.
  • The users may define their own shortcuts by clicking on the Customize section.
  • Thereafter, the user needs to press the keys that the users wish to use.

The users need to make sure so as to check out the other options for Siri in the System Preferences pane. In the system preferences pane, the including language, voice, voice feedback, and mic input. For more information, the user needs to know how to use Siri in MacOS. The users need to click here to know how to set a Keyboard Shortcut to Activate Siri on Mac. The steps are well explained in an instant manner. The experts may be contacted at any time whenever the user faces while knowing how to set keyboard shortcut to activate Siri on Mac.

How To Stop Unwanted Emails In Gmail?

This is true that, sometime we fed up with the unwanted emails keep on filling the inbox of the Gmail account. As an additional feature of emailing system Google introduced a new option for its users to block any email address to stop receiving the emails in future. This new feature of blocking sender is a new hope for the Gmail users who were frustrated because of receiving emails of no use.

In order to block any email sender you have to:

  • Open the message you received in the email.
  • At the top of the message you can see a downwards triangle shape option when.
  • You have to click on that option it will give you a drop down list.
  • You can find out the option to block that particular email in the list.
  • In future you will get the emails from the blocked contacts in the spam folder of your email account.

Also there is another option to keep the unwanted email out of the inbox by creating a Gmail filter. This Gmail filter will divert the emails coming in from the selected email addresses (contacts in the filter) to the spam folder instead of going into the inbox.

The easiest way to stop unwanted emails in Gmail is to:

  • Download the Gmail android application in your smart phone.
  • Open the application and login with your username.
  • Open the list of unwanted emails you have received so far.
  • Unsubscribe to the email list.

Also you can open the unwanted email that you have received, nest to the senders name you can see the option Unsubscribe or Change preferences, there you have to block the sender or mark the message that you received as a spam in future if you get the emails from the same sender it will go into the spam folder of you Gmail.

If you have performed everything mentioned above and you are still receiving the same kind of emails you just don’t want them at all the last option is to change the email address if you can.

How to Assign Relationships to Contacts for Siri Labels in iOS?

Apple iOS includes a lot of distinguishing features in its devices. And Siri is one of them. And it becomes so convenient when you are rocking the iPhone. You will not be required to play with fingers if you have Siri activated. And one such feature can be assigned the contact’s relationship. To know how can this be done, the users may follow the steps below.

Knowing How to Assign Relationships to Contact in iOS in Simple Steps

Method 1: Assigning The relationship to Contacts using Siri

  • Press and hold the “Home Button” to wake up Siri or simple speak “Hey Siri”.
  • To assign the relationship to Siri, say the name of any of the contact and then say what is your relationship to them so that Siri can recognize them. For example, Say Alice is my Wife.
  • Then Siri will prompt whether you want to save the relationship, answer “Yes” or simply tap the “Yes” button.

Method 2: Assigning the Relationship to Contacts Manually

  • Unlock your iPhone and launch the contacts application on it.
  • The user is required to tap on your contact card and then tap on the “Edit” option in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the “+” button in front of “Add a related name”.
  • The user is then required to tap on “Relation” field and select the relationship you want to establish and then tap “Next”.

Similarly, you can establish different relationships with the contacts by using any of the above methods.

Fix Now AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android Phone

AOL Mail not working on iPhone

AOL is a Multi used technology compatible for all the devices. It is a free web based email service provide by AOL. AOL has some unique features which make it AOL different from other email service provider. It has inbuilt virus and spam protection technology which helps in the protection of emails. Its email attachment limit is 25 MB more than any other web based service provider. It has a capacity of 1000 new messages, 4000 old messages, and 4000 sent messages per screen name. It has a maximum limit of 250 GB for storage. Spell checking facility is new; it helps in auto correction of word.

AOL Sign up and Log in process is so simple, even it is free service and after 90 days it will deactivate itself, which meant it has 90 days inactivate policy. There are some users who complaining that AOL is not working on iPhone. So it is sometime due to server issue or sometimes it is device issue. Here are some useful steps for problem.

Steps to get rid from AOL not working Problem on iPhone

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • Remove AOL account from your device and then try to configure the AOL account again using these steps.
  • Click on setting option from iPhone.
  • Click on option Mail, contact and calendar from the options.
  • Tap on “add account” option.
  • Enter the information related to account like, name, email address and phone number.
  • Now select IMAP option from the given options.
  • Enter the details of incoming server.
  • Click on ok and finish.
  • Try to launch AOL account.

These are the easiest steps to get rid from the problem of AOL mail not working on iPhone. If still AOL not working then need to update ios system of your device and reset settings.

How to Change Address on Google Maps?

Get well Versed with These Simple Ways to Change Address on Google Maps

Significance of Google Maps:

Google Maps is a web mappings service developed by Google. It helps in providing satellite images. It helps in knowing about the routes and the destination. It also gives real-time traffic conditions. It offers a pictorial representation of the street maps and 360 degree panoramic views of the streets. It is of great significance and clearly defines the correct route to the final destination.

Set of instructions to change address on Google Maps:

The users may be able to change address on Google Maps by applying the set of instructions mentioned below. In case some issue arises, then the users need to apply the steps described below so as to change address on Google Maps without facing any difficulty.

  • The users need to open Google Maps and then make sure that the user has signed in to the Google Maps so as to access the same.
  • In the search box, the user needs to type in the option stating Home or work.
  • Right next to the address that the user wish to change, the user needs to click on the edit option.
  • Just after clicking on the edit option, the user needs to type in a new address.
  • Finally, the user needs to click on the save option so as to save the new work or home address.

The above ways will assist the users in changing the work or home address on Google Maps. Some issues may arise while doing so. In order to resolve these issues, the users need to get in touch with the experienced technical experts to get instant and appropriate guidance to fix the issues.

Technical glitches being faced by the users:

A number of technical glitches may arises while working on Google Maps. Some of these are mentioned below. The experts are certified professionals who have a lot of knowledge in fixing the problems that the user faces while accessing Google Maps.

  • Google Maps not showing the correct location.
  • Google Maps not working properly.
  • Interruptions occurring while working with Google Maps.
  • Google Maps not connecting to wifi.
  • Not able to sign in to Google Maps.
  • Unable to install Google Maps on the device.
  • Not able to open Google Maps.

These are some of the issues that the user faces while accessing Google Maps. The users may get in touch with the experienced technical experts to get instant assistance. All these problems can easily be solved if proper steps are applied to fix the issues.

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone?

Apple is prominent software and hardware Company best known for its services in personal computers, the iPod and its innovative product marketing strategies. Apple products help users work more simply and productively. Apple discovery in terms of Phones and Television is so innovative and unique that people enjoyed its service very friendly.
Apple products are so easy to operate and if you want to make any changes in your apple device like, change the name of your iPhone then apple allows you to make any changes. You just need to log in your apple account with your personal information’s like apple id and password.
Change the name of your iPhone by using these simple steps

  • On your apple device, go to setting option then, Click on general.
  • Now click on about.
  • Tap the first line which shows the name of your device.
  • Clear the Space.
  • Rename your device and then tap done.
  • Device name changed successfully.

Apple devices comes on top in terms of security and safety in the world. You can enabled your touch id password along with numerical as well as alphabetical password. Find My iPhone app helps you to find your iPhone if you lost it anywhere.

How to Delete All Photos on iPhone?

Know How can You delete Photos on iPhone?

We gather and capture our memory in videos and photos, the more we enjoy the more we would have photos. If you are having too many photos on your iPhone and it is running out of space, it means you are definitely enjoying your life and capturing every priceless moment. On the other hand, it also reminds you to delete your photos and create a space on your mobile. So follow the steps to do so.

Procedure to delete photos and videos on iPhone

  • First of all, you need to unlock your iPhone and go to the Photos app.
  • Then you would require to select the Albums option.
  • After that, you should tap on the All Photos option.
  • Now you need to click on the Select option in the right-hand corner.
  • Thereafter, you are required to tap and drag the photo or video and then you can slide the finger to the top and hold.
  • Then you would see blue check on every photo the moment scrolls to all the photos.
  • After that, you need to click on the Trash icon which will be shown on the right-hand corner and confirm the delete command.

In this way, you will be able to delete all photos on iPhone but this will not permanently delete your photos from your iPhone. To do so, you should go to the deleted files in your photos.

  • And from there you need to delete all the photos and videos.
  • After that, you would successfully be able to delete the photos completely.

Moreover, if you face any problem to delete all photos on iPhone, you can contact the iPhone support team who will provide you a complete solution for your query.

How to Delete All Photos on Your Mac?

Are you trying to free up storage on your Mac by deleting the photos? Then you can absolutely do that. Deleting photos on Mac is very simple and easy. In case you are utilizing iCloud photo library, then anything you delete on your Mac will also delete on your iCloud photo library. If you don’t know how to delete all photos on Mac, then you can follow the mentioned instructions to delete the photos in a very simple manner.

Follow the below steps to delete all photos on Mac:

  • First of all, open the Photos app on your Mac.
  • Now you can see the whole list of photos available in your Mac and then choose the photos that you may wish to delete.
  • Now right-click on that particular photo that you want to delete and then click on Delete. You can choose all the photos by pressing the command button and then choose the photos.
  • After that, click on Delete tab to confirm the action.

With the help of these above described steps, you can delete all photos on your Mac very easily and if you are still confused or confronting any problem, then contact with the customer service team for instant help.