What is the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Display Ads?

Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Display Ads

What is the Difference Between the Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

In the era of digitization, advertising plays an important role that helps your brands to reach across the globe. There are multiple options are available on the internet of advertising and Facebook ads and Google ads are one among those. Both are one of the leading companies and positioned as competitors that always confuse every user to choose the best one among those.

Are you also confused which ad campaign is the best for you? Then read this article and learn about the difference in both of them.

Google Ad Words: Paid on Search

Google is the world’s largest and famous Ad words platforms which are highly utilized by the billions of users across the world. Paid search always focus on the keywords that you run on Google Ads and a bid amount are prescribed by the users to run a keyword. When a user clicks on this keyword, an amount is charged by the advertiser or says Google Ad words.

Facebook: Paid on Social

Advertising on Facebook is similar to Ad words as the internet is used to advertise on both platforms. Whereas the Ad words the platform depends on keywords, Facebook focuses on the new users as per their area of interest.

Search Intent vs Awareness

The biggest difference between Google Ad words and Facebook is search intent. Whereas Google searchers are for looking something’s while Facebook depends on the user’s area of interests. Google has a pull marketing techniques while Facebook is all about brand awareness.

Google Ad words display your brand in front of your selected users whereas the Facebook ads are completely different because Facebook let allow advertising to users who are not searching for your product necessarily. Google Search matches the intent or its goal to show the ads that exactly match what people search for.

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