How to Reset Forgotten Gmail Password on Android Phone?

Reset Forgotten Gmail Password on Android Phone

Stuck with your Gmail account? Can’t reset its password? Well, this issue isn’t as troubling as it looks; however, you can’t access your account anymore – until you reset its password. The password of a Gmail accounts are easier to reset epically when you are doing the password rest process on an Android phone.

Hence, quickly have a look at the steps to reset forgotten Gmail password on android phone entailed in the next section.

Steps To Reset Gmail Password On An Android Phone

If you still remember the phone number or the email address that you set up while making your Gmail account. However, if you don’t then you can use the Security Question or the Date of Birth while resetting the password of your Gmail account. Here’s how to use these recovery options to reset your Gmail account’s password.

  • Head over to the Gmail account access page in your phone’s web browser and then enter the username of your account.
  • Next hit the Forgot Password link and then enter the last password that your remember, however if you can then simply click on the Try Another Way link to reset the password via recovery notification on your phone.
  • If you have access to the associated phone number then check out your phone and tap on the yes button.
  • On the next screen, you’ll be asked to update the password of your account or else you can use the Skip button to use the email address to rest your password.
  • Moreover, Gmail will send you a 6-digit account verification code on the recovery email that you have to enter in the relevant field.
  • Once you have done the account verification via entering the code, you can enter a new password and reset it.

Furthermore, you can contact technical support if you are unable to reset Gmail password on android phone via following the aforementioned steps.

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