How to Recover Gmail Password on Android Phone?

Simple Steps to Perform Gmail Password Recovery on Android

People who access Gmail services on android may sometime face problems while doing so. It may happen due to many reasons like a forgotten username or password. However, while creating an account on Gmail, users are asked to set a password for it, for further login into various devices. Gmail users are not supposed to lose their password, but every time things don’t happen as people want. Likewise, Gmail users may forget their login password, but there is a solution for this. Well, the complete method to recover Gmail password on android phone is as explained below.

  • You have to unlock your android device first, then open Gmail recovery page in the browser.
  • Now, enter the ID associated with your Gmail account.
  • Press continue, and then insert old Gmail password.
  • If you cannot provide old password tap “Try another way”.
  • Next, you will get the opportunity to receive account verification code in your number.
  • Tap either message or call button for receiving code.
  • Next, enter the code accurately on recovery page and submit for moving to password reset page.
  • You can skip receiving code in the number by choosing ” I don’t have my phone”.
  • Next, Google will allow receiving code in the recovery email.
  • Tap send and access your email to copy the code.
  • Then paste code on account recovery page and submit.
  • Now you will reach to password reset window for creating new password.
  • Type a unique password in the given box and save it.

Hence, the successful recovery for a Gmail password on android can be achieved this way. You can also contact the Google support team for any additional help during recovery.

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