How To Setup Norton Antivirus, Installation and Activation?

Norton Antivirus – it is anti – malware software which is developed by and distributed by Symantec corporation which is indeed a part of Norton family as computer security products , which is available in the form of download, , a box copy and as OEM software . The virus runs on Microsoft windows and macOS. Version 12 of the Antivirus is the one which works in full compatibility with Mac Os X Lion, if the individual fins some difficulty in downloading the Antivirus and later installing the same one can seek help by Calling the Norton Antivirus Support Number, the support is provides to its users across the clock in order to dial the number same can be viewed on the website

How to Setup Norton Antivirus, Installation and Activation – In order to get the Antivirus on the system , one has to ensure that the systems meets the requirement which can be seen on the website and one can also seek more clarification by dialling Antivirus Tech Support number, for the installation, take the following steps

Installation can be done in the either way through the CD or download file

From CD – take the steps as followed

  • Put the CD in the computer , double click the file you are downloading
  • Tick the box next to Norton Security software and click Next
  • Once the installation is complete , look and open the Norton security software folder on the desktop
  • Double click on the Install Norton Antivirus.exe and hence the installation will be complete

If the individual is facing problem in Norton Antivirus installation and activation through CD then one can help through the expert by calling the Norton Antivirus tech support number, one can also ask for the remote access by the expert so that the concern can be sorted there and then

From download – take the steps as mentioned

  • Look for the location of the download file NetZero_NAV2012_EN.exe double click on the same in order to begin the installation
  • If the individual does not want to be a part of Norton community watch one can do the same uncheck the option and click ok to begin the installation
  • Go through the User Licence Agreement and hit ok , click on Agree and install, if the individual is facing the problem in understanding the agreement speak to the expert at the Norton Antivirus tech support number, one you seek the clarification take the rest of the steps as mentioned below
  • Hit on Activation now button
  • In order to get the same activated , one is required to enter the PIN and hit on activation

By taking the steps which are as above one will be able to setup , install and activate the Antivirus , however even that the user finds some difficulty one can take the help by calling the respective phone numbers , through community and even through chat.

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