How to Fix Gmail App Not Working On Android?

How to Fix Gmail App Not Working On Android in Swift Manner?

While using the latest version of gmail application, user may sometime face technical hiccup. User may face that gmail app fails to work on android. This can be really a nightmare. User is unable to send and receive important mails. They are not al to update their inbox and gmail synchronisation process fails to work. To get rid of technical snag instantly, user can walk on set of instructions that has been given below:-

User is required to clear out gmail information available on android phone.

  1. User is required to tap on home screen of android device.
  2. Furthermore, user is required to tap on find and navigate option that appears on screen.
  3. Now user is required to tap on setting option
  4. Moving to next step, user is required to open application and choose gmail account.
  5. User is required ti hit click on clear data that appears on screen.
  6. Once done, restart android device. It will be helpful to resolve the hiccup in nick of time. In case user does not find it beneficial, switch to next solution.
  • Sometime it may happen that gmail fail to work on android device due to lack of storage space. All user is required to do is just uninstall unimportant files and folder and simply enjoy working with app.
  • Make sure user is entering proper and accurate credentials for gmail account which include appropriate email address and password
  • User is required to check their android phone settings.
  1. Just simply turn off airplane mode.
  2. Now user is required to check whether user appears online or offline.
  3. Now check phone setting . user is required to check that gmail has been properly synchronised.

If above solution are not able to provide quality solution, user can straightaway trigger call on Gmail Customer Service Number. This number is approachable from any geographical location and is available 24/7 at free of cost. Just check out other toll free number available on web portal and seek instant voice guidance at doorstep.

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