How to Create Google Account without Phone Number?

How to Create Google Account without Phone Number?

Here is everything to know on how to create Google account without phone number:

If you are the user of regular email account but you are not aware of Google account you should have perfect knowledge of it so that you can enjoy the best service of Google account and always remain free from your Google service and especially your way where you are going and where you have to use this service amazingly.

Here are the Steps to Create Google Account without Phone Number?

To manage and getting more benefits you are required to create your Google account. This page will teach you to create your Google account without typing the mobile phone number. So if you are feeling a bit confused and don’t know how to create Your Google account without phone number below steps will help you to remove your worry and complete the process of creating Google account in less than no time.

  • First of all, launch an internet browser and move to Google account sign on the page.
  • Click on the sign-up option and follow the on-screen page to enter the correct information.
  • You can enter the first and last name of the user and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Select the religion and country and leave the phone number field if you don’t have and then move to the next.
  • Enter the character name and click on create button at the end of the task.

For additional help and information, you are required to contact our customer team instantly.

How to Create Google Account without Phone Number in Android Device?

Don’t know how to create Google account without phone number? Here is simple process:

Google account is pretty simple to create on your personal laptop and mobile device. If you are trying to create your Google account on your mobile phone or laptop you there is a different process to create an account easily. If you really don’t want to associate your mobile phone number with the account even then you can complete this process easily. You might be prompt to enter the mobile phone number and then click on the verify button. But instead of that you can simply enter the alternate email address and verify your account while creating Google account.

Here are the ways to create Google account without phone number:

  • Open your Android device and click on add account button then click on manage Google account button.
  • Select set up an email address and click on create Google account button after that enter the correct email address.
  • Enter the correct password and check out the description to create your Google account instantly.
  • Select all features and services and after that try to log in your Google account simply.
  • Enter the first user name and then enter the last user name and press the next button.

Having created your Google account you can simply click on login a button that helps to access your Google account simply in no time. In case you face an error and you are required Google customer service, you can contact our tech support team instantly.

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