How To Connect Google Assistant To Alexa?

Connect Google Assistant to Alexa with Following Simple Procedure !

If you want to sync Google Assistant to Alexa but unsure if you can do it or not. Here, it is good to tell you that you can connect Google Assistant to Alexa using following procedure:

  • To sync Google Assistant to Alexa, go to Amazon Alexa Developer page.
  • Click on Sign In option that you can find at the top of Amazon Alexa Developer Page.
  • If you already have amazon developer account, sign into one or if you don’t have the account, then, create Amazon Developer Account.
  • In the Payments page, answer No.
  • On Developer Console Page, Click on Alexa Skills Kit.
  • Hit on Create Skill.
  • Give the name for the SkillName: Google Assistant for Alexa.
  • Select the Language for country.
  • Hit on Next.
  • Click on Custom and under the option Custom, click on Hit Create Skill.
  • On the left side, click on Invocation.
  • Provide an Invocation name, keep all the letters as Lowercase. Invocation name acts as skill activation name. Just an example, if user keeps Invocation name as Google, user needs to say “Alexa, ask Google….” so that skill can be activated. A user can choose from the popular choices which are Google Assistant, Google, Assistant.
  • Use a different invocation name, if you already installed the old Ask Google that uses same Google Invocation Name that you want to use in Alexa.
  • Hit on Save Model once you entered a name.
  • Select Intents from the left pane and then, hit on +Add Intent.
  • Click on Use an existing intent from Alexa’s built -in library.
  • Go down and hit Standard.
  • Click on the Arrow button which displays all the options. Add all the Intents by hitting on +Add Intent that you can find next to specific Intent.
  • Click on Save Model.
  • Click on Slot type that you can find beneath the Intents on left side pane.
  • Hit on Add Slot Type+

Use the above procedure to connect Google Assistant to Alexa.

2 thoughts on “How To Connect Google Assistant To Alexa?”

  1. Goggle assistance is new to lots of user same as me. So, i find it little difficult to connect with Alexa but above information is helpful it makes it easy to connect. Thanks

  2. I was unable to connect my google assistant to Alexa. But this article helped me a lot. After reading this article I understand how to connect google assistant to Alexa. Very nice article with brief details.

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