How to Change and Reset Webmail Password?

Webmail is a service which provides facility to send and receive emails to another Webmail service. Examples of different Webmail services are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Though every Webmail has different features and settings. User have to create an account with Webmail service of his choice. User has to set login credentials i.e. login id and password. Without this password , user cannot login and cannot access the account. So it is very important to keep the password safe. Also, due to increase in internet viruses and threats, hackers are always ready to attack any Webmail account. Hence it is advised to change the account’s password regularly and should not share it with everyone. Here it is shown ,

How can Change the Webmail Password?

  • Login to the Webmail account.
  • From the top right side of the screen, and go to Settings.
  • Then scroll and click on Password & Security.
  • Here, click on the link, Change Password.
  • In the box appeared, enter the current password.
  • Then enter the new password and retype to confirm.
  • Password should be more than 8 characters long and should be alphanumeric. It should not contain any personal information.
    Save the settings.

Login with the new password. If you are facing any problem then just call at the Webmail Password Reset Number.

How to Reset the Webmail Password?

It is a common problem that user lose or forget his password of his Webmail account. Though password should be kept secret but it is possible that user see the message like ” Invalid Password” . Nothing to worry about this because there is a simple way to reset a new password. Here we go !

  • From the login page of Webmail, click on the link Forgot Password?
  • Then user will be directed to Password reset page.
  • Select the option I forgot my password. and click Next.
  • Enter the Webmail id and enter the code given there in the box provided. Again click Next.
  • Now user will be provided with three options to recover the new password. Either user can provide an alternate email id and receive the notification, or user may provide a trusted phone number. If both the things are not there with the user then he can answer some security question so that user can be verified and then prompted to reset the new password.

If still user finds problem in resetting the new password then he can call at the Webmail Password Recovery Number. This is a 24/7 active service and user can find executives always on the line. User can get the effective solutions from the qualified and experienced technicians who are always available to help and guide users.

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