How to Change and Reset Apple Password?

Change and Reset Your Apple Email Account Password

Apple is the brand that is not just limited to one product or services, there are several products launched by it. These are of better quality and helps you in performing your tasks. You use number of products introduced by it and each are with unique quality. It is smart enough but sometimes you seriously need help. To get help at such occasions, you should connect with technical experts. Number of issues has been fixed by you. Here, you may see resolution to few of them:

How to Change Apple Password?

How to Change Apple Password

  • It is first need to “Sign in” into your email account.
  • When you are using security section,click the option of “Change password”.
  • Individual should now enter current password with new password.
  • You should now confirm your new password again by entering it.
  • Select the option of “Change password” now.
  • There is need to complete “Sign in” process by using new Apple ID password.
  • User should now see whether problem has been resolved or not.

If you need any further help for the above discussed issue, you need to use Apple password recovery number. When you use it, you will get assistance from experts.

How to Reset Apple Password?

How to Change and Reset Apple Password

  • It is required for you to enter your Apple ID account page, tap “Forgot Apple ID or password.
  • When you asked to confirm your phone number, it is required for you to use two-factor authentication
  • User need to enter their Apple ID
  • There is need to choose option to reset your password, select the “Continue” button

Individual needs to select the method for how to reset your password:

  • For answering the security questions, tap the option of “Answer security questions” and follow the rest of the steps.
  • For getting an email instead, it is required for you to select “Get an email.
  • To do password reset, you need to use email that we send to your primary or rescue email address.
  • When you asked for a Recovery Key, there is need to select two-factor authentication or two-step verification instead.

When you need further help for the above resolved issue, it is required for you to connect with team of experts by using Apple password reset number. Technician will understand your difficulties and suggest you with instant resolutions. When you take assistance from experts, some money will be charged to you. Technicians can be reached anytime if you need assistance from them. Technicians will not only help you in resolving your issue but even give you tips for doing the account management. Live chat and email service are other best options to choose, it can also connect you with team of experts.

How do I Turn Off Two Step Verification on Apple?

If the user of Apple device are willing to turn off their two factor authentication on their devices, then for this they should simply process the below mentioned steps in the correct way. User should remember that doing this will lower the security facility of their account and they should be careful while using their Apple devices.

So, mentioned below are the steps to turn off the two factor authentication on Apple devices:

  • First of all the user should go to the following link by opening any of the web browser.
  • Then then user should sign in to their Apple id with the username and password. The user should sign in to that email address for which they want to disable the two factor authentication.
  • Now the user should select the security menu and should then click on the edit menu.
  • The user should then search for two factor authentication. This option must be beside the menu namely feature is on.
  • After this the user should select the menu turn off two factor authentication and should go to the next step.
  • User then need to make a new security question concerning the Apple ID.
  • Lastly when the user finishes the two factor authentication, they should sign out from their Apple id.

Therefore, by these steps the user will be able to disable the two factor authentication on their Apple devices. These steps are simple to follow but the user should make sure that the steps are followed in the correct way. On the other hand, the user may also dial the apple password reset number so as to get more details on this topic. This particular number is available all day long, so that the user may dial it and may get connected with the executives whenever they wish to.

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