How Do I Get a Google Phone Number?

Being a Google user, you can access the multiple services provided by Google to resolve your different problems, and Google phone number is one among those where a team of representatives will assist you. You can quickly get your phone number for Google with the help of Google Voice and use it to make calls and texts. This phone number can be used to make both domestic and international calls from your preferred mobile and browser. Most of the users face difficulties to get a Google phone number due to the lack of knowledge and if you are one of them, then you should follow the mentioned instructions.

Here’s how you can easily get a Google Phone Number

Set up Your Google Voice Account

Before you get a phone number for Google, you must set up a Google Voice account, which is very simple and straightforward. For this, you need to follow the below steps:

  • First of all, you need to visit the official Google Voice website via from your preferred browser on a device.
  • Select the type of your account, such as Personal and Business, as per your preferences.
  • You must now search for a number based on your location or area code that you can effortlessly search by entering into the given box.
  • After choosing your number, Google will ask to link with an existing phone number to verify your identity.
  • Your selected phone number will be linked to your real phone number, and you can only use your US based phone number for this.
  • You will receive a phone call or message on your provided phone number that you can make phone call from your device.

Contact Google Customer Service

You can also get help regarding your set up issues of Google Voice with the help of the customer service team that would help get a Google phone number quickly when you contact through the mentioned instructions.

Via Live Chat: You can use the live chat option provided by Google to its users, get your phone number, and resolve multiple issues quickly. You can also ask Google customer service number using the chat option from live representatives:

  • Go to the Google Support page from a browser.
  • You need to choose your Google product from the list.
  • Choose the Chat option.
  • A live representative from Google will be available and provide you the best solutions regarding your issues.

Via Phone: You can call on Google customer service phone number (650) 253-0000 or (650) 955-6653 (An unofficial number) and directly talk to a live representative that would provide the relevant assistance on your different queries. They will help you get a phone number and resolve the other queries when using Google related services highly effectively.

Via Email: You can also get your phone number after sending an email to after describing the query, and the customer service team of Google will quickly get back to you with the possible solutions. You can get through to the support team 24/7 and avail the of result-oriented assistance across the world.

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