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How to Recover Hotmail Account ?

Steps to Recover Hotmail Account

Hotmail is the email service offered by Microsoft. It can be used in the same manner other email services are used that are available online. It is well-known as it is the first webmail service introduced on the internet.

The users find it efficient to use the Microsoft product as it has a large storage space and is free of charge. The users need a Hotmail email address and password for accessing the email account. The user can dial the Hotmail account recovery number for any help. If the correct details are there, the user can simply login to the Hotmail account but if in case the password is lost/forgotten, the access will be denied. The recovery process is as follows:

  • The user needs to visit the Hotmail account by launching the web browser.
  • Then, the link saying password reset page needs to be clicked.
  • When the user hits the Next button, the page will come up asking the user to enter the alternate email ID that was saved at the time creating the account.
  • Once the email address is entered, it will take the user to another page for accessing the alternate email ID.
  • In the inbox of that email, there are step by step reset instructions for recovering the account.
  • The user is required to follow the instructions and recover the password.
  • A page will appear asking the user to create a new password for the account for the easy access in the future.
  • The password is created by entering it in the fields of create new password and re-enter the password.
  • Finally, the user will enter the new password to Sign-in to the account.

To have more info about the password reset or other queries regarding the Hotmail account, the user can contact the technical support. The technical executives in the support will provide all the required assistance. The info for reaching the technical support can be found on the official webpage of Hotmail.

How to Recover Hotmail Account without Security Question?

Looking for the help on how to recover Hotmail account without security question:

Forgetting a password has become so pretty ordinary among the common people. If you are one of them and need proper assistance to fix this error, you are required to recover the password of Hotmail account simply without security question. In order to recover the password, you must have to proper verification resources that will provide you immediate help within a second instantly.

Hotmail account recovery without security question:

It is necessary to have mobile phone number, recovery email address, security questions and much more. If you are really looking for the assistance to recover Hotmail account without security question, you must follow the below instructions that will make you eligible to complete the task of recovery password within a short time.

  • At first, visit Hotmail account sign-in page and strive to enter the regular used email address and password into the field.
  • Now you have to enter press sign-in button to access but if you failed to do so, click on forgot password button.
  • Later on, you must enter the mobile phone number and press the next button.
  • But if you are unable to see the result then you can try with an alternate email address to verify.
  • If you still did not get anything selects the security question to give a valid answer and move to the next.
  • Having entered the valid answer of security question, you will receive a password recovery link allows entering the new password.
  • You can feel free to enter the new password into both new and confirm password field finally.

For additional help, you can contact tech support team instantly.

How to Recover Hotmail Account without Alternate Email?

Recover Your Hotmail Account Without Alternative Email

Hotmail is a web-based service provider that lets the users access to Webmail, contacts, and calendaring services from webmail. If you have lost access to your Hotmail account then without giving much stretch, you can recover it using the recovery information. In case of not having access to the recovery email, Hotmail password can still be retrieved easily.

You can go through the enlisted procedure for Hotmail account recover without alternate email.

Steps to recover the Hotmail account password:

  • Visit the login page of Hotmail email account and there, click the option of “I forgot my password”.
  • After tapping the button click on the Next button and then move to the account recovery page.
  • Select the option of Account Recovery following by selecting the mode of recovery.
  • You can pick the option to recovery using the recovery phone number.
  • Select the option to send the recovery key on your recovery phone number. After receiving the key, enter it in the given field of recovery page and then click on the Next button.
  • Verify your Hotmail account.
  • After prompting on the new page, you can set a new password in the given field.
  • Enter the password and confirm it.
  • Further, save all the setting done in your Hotmail account.

The new password will be updated to a Hotmail email account.

In case of any obstacle during the process, feel free to contact Hotmail customer support team.

How to Recover a Hotmail Account without the Recovery Phone Number?

It is unfortunate if you have forgotten your Hotmail account password or the password has been changed by some unknown user and you don’t have the access to your recovery phone number. Don’t worry! Our today’s write-up will teach you the process of recovering your lost Hotmail account without using the phone number. Here you can find the steps of retrieving Hotmail password by answering the security questions. Check out the required steps here.

What are the Steps of Recovering Hotmail Password by Security Question

  • Open your web browser.
  • Type in its browsing bar.
  • It will open the Sign In window.
  • Move downwards and click on Can’t access your account? link.
  • Then the window, Why are you having trouble signing in, will open.
  • Now you need to select the I forgot my password.
  • Click on Next.
  • Go to the Microsoft account field and type your Hotmail email address.
  • A set of Captcha characters will open; click on Next.
  • Select your verification option then.
  • Click on the I don’t use these anymore option.
  • You will now get the chance to recover your password with the secret question.
  • Retrieve the password by answering your account security question.
  • Your account will be recovered if you have been able to answer the questions accurately.

Dial Hotmail Account Recovery Number to Get More Assistance

Hotmail account recovery number will help you in getting in touch with the account security officials. The account security officials of Microsoft are trained enough to help you with the guarantee of maximum satisfaction. They are globally appreciated for their domain knowledge and utmost professionalism. Get in touch with these professionals and get access to your account back!

How to Recover Hotmail Account with Two Step Verification?

Two step verification of any application or social media platform refers to using double sources for security. Two step verification enhances security of any id and in case anybody else logs in your password, he would still won’t be able to get back your security code. Two step verification code uses two sources of identity. One is password while other is contact or security code.

Every time you will sign in your hotmail account with two step verification on, you will get a notification on your text or email. Hotmail account recovery through two step verification can be done by following steps:

  • When we forget any password, we can access it back by two means (recovery mail and phone numbers) as long as we have two step verification on.
  • Depending upon what security option you added to your account, you will require to add a security code from your authentication app and a code mailed to your backup email account.
  • Click recover your account option and type email or password that needs reset.
  • Click on any of the option like phone or mail to receive security code and click send code.
  • Check your mail or phone for the code and enter it into verify your code option and click next.
  • Reset your new password by entering it into new password and confirm it by re entering.
  • And your account is recovered.

The only reason why we use two step verification code is because it gives double protection to your accounts and passwords. In any case you log in through a different device it will ask you if it’s you only or not.

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    1. Hotmail is a very popular email service which is utilized by the billions of users on this planet. But sometimes users also confront several technical issues when using their Hotmail account and forgot password is one among those. In these conditions, the only option remains in front of them is password recovery that can be performed in a very simple way with the help of security questions.If you have also forgotten your security questions related to Hotmail email account, then you can still recover Hotmail password without security questions with the help of below instructions:
      1. First of all, go to the password recovery page of Hotmail and then click on Forgot password.
      2. Enter your username or email ID associated to Hotmail into the given box.
      3. Click on Next.
      4. Choose password recovery option via the phone number and then type the last four digit of your phone number.
      5. Now you will receive a verification code and then enter it to the given field.
      6. After that, type the new password for your Hotmail account and then again enter the same password to confirm.If you are not capable of recovering your Hotmail password, then dial Hotmail account recovery number and gain the perfect assistance from the customer service team to recover your password. They will recover your Hotmail account password in a very effective way after dialing this number.

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