How to Fix Google Play Store Not Working on Android?

Google Play Store Not Working on Android

What are the Steps to Fix Google Play Store not Working?

All the interesting applications that any android user uses comes from Google play store. Google play store is an online platform for downloading all the applications ranging from social media sites, digital payment apps etc. Hence if you are also an android user then might knowing about the value of Google play store. But at times Google play stops responding in android device. There can be many reasons of Google play store not working on android. Hence to know more about the reasons of Google play store not working, refer to below points for more reference.

Reasons of Google Play Store not Working Online:

  • Biggest and silliest mistake that we make is not turning on the internet. Hence Play store might stop working if you haven’t turned on the net
  • When you haven’t cleared your phone space then Google play store might stop working
  • If any virus is detected in your device then Google plays store might stop working
  • Therefore above reasons are few of the most common reasons why Google play store does not work. Thus to make it work, you can refer to below solutions.

Hacks to make Google Play Store Start Working:

  • First and foremost check for all the internet connections
  • To avoid your device from hacking or to protect play store from crashing keep clearing your device from cache memory
  • Whenever your device notifies you of system update, make sure to update your device.
  • If you want you can reboot your system and remove all the unwanted tabs and windows
  • If you think your play store is neither updating any application nor downloading then you can download the latest version of the play store
  • You can even remove and re install the feature

Therefore you can follow all the above hacks in case your Google play store doesn’t work. Moreover for any doubt or query you can reach out to the customer support.

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