Google not Working in Chrome

What If You Want To Fix Chrome If Is Not Compatible To Google
Everybody holds Google account to get different services.The services are smarter and more easily accessible but certain difficult situations can’t be just ignored.To find help at such occasions,try to connect with team of experts.

Why Google not Working in Chrome?

  • Individual needs to go in “Settings.”
  • Now, you should go to the section of “Manage search engines.”
  • There is need to ensure that Google search is set to default search.

When there is “NOT and/or if is not” in the list to choose from, there is need to add a new one and enter in the following;

  • Search engine= Google Search.
  • Keyword=
  • URL=
  • Tap the option to “Enter” after you will be finished and it needs to be auto-selected as default.
  • Select the option of “Done” and after it,if you go back in the settings panel, ensure that Google Search is selected from the drop-down list that is located to the left of the “Manage search engines” tab.
  • Now, you should see if the problem has been resolved or not

When you don’t find the solution to this issue helpful, you should try to connect with customer care team. It is just required for you to use the Google support phone number to be in contact of them.Technical experts will first listen to your issue and suggest you some effective resolution that can fix the issue instantly.

People can even use chat option or email as an alternate option to find help.Chat option can be used by either online and offline mode.Number of options are there to find help but you should always select Google customer service number as the prior option.

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