Fix Now if Google Drive not Working

How Can You Fix Google Drive Not Working Issue? Get Complete Information Here

If you’re finding it difficult to access your Google Drive on your device and need to resolve the issue. Then the job can be done with a few simple steps which are mentioned below:

Reconnect the Network Connection

To begin with, you should check the internet connectivity to your device. You can delete the connected wifi network and reconnect it. Also, you may try to connect with another internet network to fix the issue.

Restart the Google Drive on Android

There are times when Google Drive not working issues appear due to overload. You can try to close the Google Drive on your device. Also, you may close all the applications that are running in the background. Additionally, you may restart the device on which you’re accessing Google Drive.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, it has been observed that a user faces problem with Google Drive because of junk files stored on the device. Moreover, you should clear the cache and cookies stored on your browser and check if it is working.

Uninstall the Incompatible Software

You need to uninstall all the incompatible software and application on your device to fix the Google Drive not working. If you’ve installed any security software or antivirus software, you should disable the software to fix the Google Drive glitch.

Reinstall Google Drive

If you’re using Google Drive on your android device and seeing this problem, you shouldn’t worry about it. You give it a try to uninstall Google Drive and reinstall it. You can reinstall the app by going to the Play Store application.

Fix the Google Drive Not Responding Error on Your Device Instantly

With the above information, you will surely fix the Google Drive glitch also will no longer see Google Drive not working issue while accessing Google Drive. Just in case, if the things didn’t turn out as it has to be, you can get help from the technical experts to fix it. All you will require to contact the Google support team over a single phone call and you will get customer support instantaneously.

How to Fix Google Drive not Working on Mac?

Is Google Drive not working on Mac? Get complete information to Fix it

Though Apple offers iCloud to its every user for cloud storage. You can also use Google Drive on your Mac without seeing any problem. On the off chance, if you see any problem while using Google Drive on Mac, you can get it fixed by doing a few simple steps. And to help you here is a list of instructions that you need to follow, go thoroughly.

  • First of all, you need to check the internet connectivity of your Mac. You may disconnect your wifi network and reconnect it. Or, you can connect your Mac with another wifi network.
  • Sometimes, Google Drive not working on Mac issues can appear due to overload. You should close the Google Drive on your Mac and close all the applications running in the background. Moreover, restart Mac and open Google Drive.
  • In addition, it has been seen that users face an issue with Google Drive because of unwanted junk files stored on Mac. You need to clear all the junk files, cache and cookies stored on your web browser and check if the issue is fixed.
  • Besides, you Google Drive not working can uninstall all the incompatible software, extension, plugins, and application on your Mac in order to rectify the issue. Also, if any security software or antivirus application is installed on your device, you need to disable or uninstall it and you will be able to fix the problem.

With these steps, you would be able to fix the Google Drive issue, just in case, after performing the above steps, you still see the issue, you can get help from the Google Drive support team. The team of technical experts is always there to help you in fixing the issues. And you will no longer see Google Drive not working on Mac issue while using your Google Drive account.

How to Fix Google Drive not Working on Android Phone?

Explain the methods to resolve the Google drive issue on android

Android users have Google drive in their device to synchronize all the data and keep back-up to it. Many times it happens that the Google drive stopped working fine on an Android Mobile. This Google drive not working on the android situation may occur due to some technical glitch. But android mobile users who are encountering issues in Google drive can try some resolutions, for fixing this error on their own. If you are not familiar with the methods to fix Google drive not working on android phone issue, then go by the data given below.

Check Internet

  • The foremost reason behind Google drive not working issue can be your internet connection, so check for it.
  • Try to connect your android mobile with another data network and see if Google drive starts working fine or not

Reset Google Drive

  • In case you are using Google drive with Chrome, then reset its setting to make it work properly
  • You can reset Google drive by clearing cookies and disabling the extension creating an issue
  • Is still Google drive is showing not working error try to open it on another browser or app

Reinstall Google Drive

  • First of all, remove the Google drive app from your mobile
  • Then, restart your android device and go to the Google page
  • Next, download Google drive app one more time in your mobile

Uninstall Third Party Software

  • There can be some software, which is not compatible with Google drive and prevent it from working properly.
  • You have to identify that particular third party software, which is causing issue in Google drive
  • Once after removing those non compatible software from your android mobile, retry using Google drive once again

Thus, this Google drive not working problems of android mobile users can be fixed by taking help from the methods defined above. Moreover, talk to the technical executive from the Google support team and get assistance for your issue.

How to Fix google drive not working on Windows 10?

Read to learn on how to fix Google drive not working on Windows 10

Are you noticing some kind of error on your Windows 10? You are at the best place where you can learn the simple concept of resolving this error after figuring out the cause of the error instantly. If you are using Windows 10 but facing trouble, let’s fix this trouble instantly. Google drive has always been useful for everyone and this is why the use of this service is most important for all. but once in a while, you might see the blue moon which is the sign of Google drive that is not working fine.

There are various procedures when Google drive not working on Windows 10:

  • First of all, you should make sure that your Windows device is running and then launch an internet browser.
  • You can visit the Google account page to access the accurate email address and password.
  • Go to the grid option to choose Google drive but when you face any trouble click on the pause it option.
  • If you are unable to sync your files you must reset the button to work fine and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You can press the restart and backup option to sync and make sure the internet is on at that time.
  • Re-install and back option will be showing on the next that you have to maintain and follow the on-screen instructions here.
  • You can simply download the backup and sync button and move to the next where you can find the best process to fix.

If you still Google drive not working, contact us to find the best solution with us at any time.

Google Drive Not Working on Iphone

Check out the simple ways to fix Google Drive not responding on iPhone

In the past few years, Google has offered its users with some of the incredible services that include Google Drive. For the users who are not aware, it is a file storage and synchronization service that allows the users to store and share media files and data. And to make this service user-friendly, Google has introduced some additional features within the service to make data management easier for the users.

Undoubtedly, the services offered Google Drive are finest, but there are a few users who might encounter some issues while accessing Google Drive services on their iPhone devices like Google Drive Not Working problem.

Solutions to fix Google Drive not responding on iPhone

Well, multiple reasons can lead to Google Drive Not Working on iPhone problem, but one can resolve this issue in time by identifying the cause and using the appropriate fix. Further, to help out the users, here are some of the common reasons and fixes to resolve this issue in time.

  • There are chances that the user might be facing some temporary error while accessing Google Drive. In such cases, it is suggested to the users to wait for a while until the issue is resolved.
  • It is recommended to the users to check the internet connectivity of the device as there are chances that the issue might have arisen because of weak internet connectivity.
  • There are chances that the Google server might be down. So, to confirm the same, the user can contact Google support for the required help.
  • The user can try updating their Google Drive software to resolve this problem.

Besides, for queries regarding the Google Drive issues, one can contact Google support for assistance and use uninterrupted services.

How to Fix Google Drive not Working on Google Chrome?

Is your Google Drive not working on Google Chrome? Are you unable to upload photos, documents and other things on Google Drive? If yes then you shall not panic as you are not alone in this problem. Many other users are facing the same issue and finding ways to get rid of such a problem. And as you have landed here then you shall relax as you will be getting the resolution to your issue of Google Drive not working and for that, you can read the information further.

Reasons Behind Google Drive Not Working!

  • If you have not entered the correct email address or password and hence unable to log into the Google Drive account.
  • Also, if you do not have a proper internet connection on your device.
  • Devices are affected by viruses whether it is a phone or computer.
  • If you have not updated Google Chrome to its latest version and also have not cleared caches and cookies of the browser.

And there can be many other reasons which can lead to Google Drive not working on Google Chrome and hence cause issues to users. Ways to troubleshoot are also discussed below.

Troubleshooting of Google Drives Not Responding!
  • Before trying any other steps you first need to check whether you have entered the correct login credentials. If not then you can enter the correct details and proceed.
  • Then you can look for an internet connection. If you have a fluctuating or slow internet speed then you need to contact a network service provider and lodge a complaint.
  • Check if your devices are affected with the virus, if yes then with the help of any antivirus application, you can remove the virus and check if the issue gets resolved or not.
  • Also, do not forget to update the Google Chrome version to the latest one. And then clear the caches and cookies from its settings.

Hence, a user may try any of the above steps to get rid of Google Drive not working issue. And if your issue is not resolved then you can contact Google customer support.

How to Fix Google Drive not Working on iPad?

Procedure to fix Google drive not working on iPad

Google Drive seems as an important service offered by Google which not only helps you to store and But allows you to save your data in the Drive in a secured way. But sometimes you found difficulty to access your drive for the storage purpose due to some technical glitches. So if your Google Drive does not give speedy performance on your iPad?? Or you not able to sync data or the information stored.

Stop worrying anymore and stick to the most ideal solution mentioned below to fix these issues of Google Drive not working.

Go and Update to add new features in Your Google Drive App

Yes, this is true that new updates bring new features and adds new capabilities so that the user can make proper utilization of the space provided.

  • To start the process, you need to start the Google Play Store app.
  • After following the above, now you scroll to the “My Apps and games” option.
  • If you found any update in the drive, then you need to click on the update option which is present next to the Google Drive app.

Effective working of Google Drive by Clearing Cache & Data

Sometime piling up of the data or the information slows down the functioning of the Google Drive app or exhausts your phone space. So it is required to clear the cache files from the iPad so that you can again start your work without any hindrance.

Follow these steps to clear cache and Data

  • At the beginning of the process, first, you move to the settings and then you select “Apps” or “Manage Applications” options to accelerate the process.
  • Now you go to the Google Drive option and then you have to select “Clear Cache” to delete files.

All the above information is designed by taking into consideration the problem of the large number of users of iPad. If you are seeking further assistance, you can call directly to the dedicated support team of the Google to get the immediate response or feedback for Google Drive not working on iPad.

How to Fix Google Drive not Working on Firefox?

For online browsing, a lot of people use Firefox which is a web browser developed by Mozilla. Hence for any kind of online work, you can use Firefox. Now for example, if you are trying to download Google drive online and the browser you are using is Firefox then its likely to create an issue too. Google Drive stores files of bigger size and hence requires fast data speed for downloading the files or doing data backup. And if Firefox is running slow then it might create a problem for any application running online. And Google drive not working on Firefox is one of those issues. So for fixing this, here are a few steps.

Methods to fix Google drive not responding

  • You can start with a very basic solution to fix the browser which is checking internet connectivity. Since Google drive needs a fast internet network hence before switching to Firefox, ensure the network is fine and working smoothly.
  • Second try to clear all the cookies and cache from the history section. Everyday users surf the internet visiting several sites and because of this a lot of links get saved. This could affect the working of the Browser whenever you visit a new site.
  • Reset the browser if the site keeps crashing in between work. This will push the application back as a new one!
  • Moreover, update the application and device both from time to time. If the application will be updated, it will work more efficiently. Outdated versions of applications always create problems.
  • If it’s not the Firefox but the Google drive which is taking too much time then try changing the account. If possible, try signing from any other account to accessing the backup data.
  • Or if possible wait for some time and let the Google drive download all the pending files. Till then don’t do anything else on your phone.

Therefore, with the help of troubleshooting steps, the issue of Google Drive not working will get fixed. For doubts, contact the customer care team.

What can be Done if Google Drive is not Working in Safari?

Google Drive is best known for syncing and sharing your data. It provides the backup for your data. With all these features, Google Drive takes a significant place in our lives. Now, let us suppose that it has stopped working on the browser that you are using. We are talking about Safari. It will be really frustrating and will definitely leave you confused about how to fix this.

Google Drive not working:

If your Google Drive is not working in Safari, then you can go for taking these troubleshooting steps. these steps will really help you out to get your issue resolved. further, you can also connect with the team of customer support if you still face the problem.

Clearing the cookies and caches:

No matter what browser you are using, you should ensure that you are clearing the caches and cookies. It will be considered as the best solution to this problem. You can now load your Google Drive file again once this issue is resolved.

Try using another browser:

You can also try to use Google Drive in some other browser. sometimes, the issue is not in Google Drive but in the browser you are using. So, you are recommended to use some other browser. Chrome, Firefox and internet explorer are recommended.

Update the app:

If this is working fine in another browser, then you can go for updating the browser to fix the issue. You should always use the latest version of any app for its proper functioning. This will make your working smooth and will fix the issue that can be raised while you are using it.

Well, these are the steps you can take if Google Drive is not working. You are free to contact the customer service to take assistance and can talk to them. Your issue will then be resolved.

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