Google Drive Account Recovery

How to Recover Google Drive?

A quick guide on how to recover Google Drive account

In the past few years, technology has tremendously developed itself, leading to the development of some of the finest services, including Google. For those who are accessing Google services, might be aware of the multiple products and services offered for easy browsing and data management services.

With Google account becoming one of the basic requirements for accessing Android devices and other Google services. And for the users who are using Google drive for storing their media files and data, it becomes quite essential for them to create a Google account.

What is the Google Drive Service of Google?

Google Drive is a storage and synchronization service that allows the users to store their media and files on the remote servers. Also, the user can even use this service for sharing data and files with other users.

Further, for accessing this Google Drive services, it is required that the user has an active Google account. However, there are a few users who have issues while accessing Google Drive services because of lost access to the Google account. Luckily, one can easily recover Google drive account by trying out the simple solutions provided in this article.

Procedure to recover Google Drive account

Well, the procedure to recover the Google Drive account is simple, and one can easily fix login issues by following the detailed steps mentioned below.

  • For recovering the Google Drive account, the user is required to launch the recovery page.
  • Now, for starting with the recovery process, the user needs to provide the username of the account.
  • Then, for the verification process, the user needs to select the recovery option.
  • In this case, the user can opt for the recovery via email option.
  • Further, a code will be offered to the user for the account verification process.
  • After that, the user is required to provide that particular code and complete the verification process.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can reset the password of the Google Drive account and save the changes.

In this way, the user can perform Google drive account recovery in time and regain access to their Google Drive services without any interruption. However, if the user fails to recover their Google Drive account, they can contact Google support using an active toll-free number, live chat, or email assistance.

So, next time whenever you encounter an issue while accessing Google Drive services, they can follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Google Drive?

Have you mistakenly deleted important files or documents from your Google Drive? Then it is one of the most common things among the users that always irritates when an important file goes out. After getting this situation, you find the ways of recovering these files which is possible to recover through multiple ways. In this article, you will learn about the ways to recover Google Drive files from Google Drive in a step by step procedure.

Here are the steps to recover deleted Google Drive files:

Solution 1: Check the Trash folder

Your deleted files always go to the trash folder and you can check your trash folder to check whether the files are available or not. You can follow the below steps for that:

  • First of all, open your Google Drive using username and password.
  • Click on the Trash icon.
  • Now find the deleted files that you want to recover and then select the Restore option after finding the file.

Solution 2: Use the Undo option

You may also recover the deleted file using the Undo option in Google Drive. You can apply this option just after deleting the files or documents from your Google Drive. It can help to recover the deleted files from Google Drive in a very simple manner.

By following these above-given steps, you can easily recover Google Drive files that you have deleted mistakenly. But if you are still not able to recover your deleted Google Drive files, then you can contact the support team of Google Drive to gain the relevant solutions.

How to Recover Google Drive Photos?

Guide To Recover Deleted Google Drive Photos: Quick Steps

If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your Google Drive photos then worry not as this is one of the most common problems you have faced. If you are a G Suite account holder then recovering deleted files is easy and quick. Even if you are not a G Suite user then you can still recover your data from your Google Drive.

So, before you move ahead with your frustration of your deleted items, have a look at various methods to recover Google Drive photos.

Different Methods To Recover Google Photos From Drive

Via Using The UNDO Operation

If you have recently deleted your files from your Drive then the first thing that you must know that Google keeps your files for 30 days in the trash folder. Hence, you’ll need to recover your files from the trash folder. Here’s how.

  • Navigate to the Google Drive Trash folder and then restore the file from there.
  • At first, you’ll need to head over to the Google Drive trash folder and then select the files that you wish to restore
  • You’ll see a context menu from where you’ll see two options: Restore and Delete forever.
  • Hit the Restore option to get back your deleted files and they will be return to the file back to its original location.

Via Google Drive

  • Get access to your Google Admin Console hit “Users” icon from the Google Console.
  • Select the file that you wish to restore and select the ellipsis icon.
  • Hit the “RESTORE DATA” button from the pop-up menu and specify the required date range and select the Application as “Drive” and then hit the “Restore”.

Furthermore, contact technical support to get any further assistance on how to recover google drive.

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