Google Customer Service Live Person Phone Number

Google Customer Service Live Person Phone Number

How to Talk to a Live Person in Google Customer Service?

Google is a multinational technology firm that is known to render a number of reliable services and products. But despite various protective strategies, users may come to face issues with Google products and service. In order to deal with the queries of users, Google introduces an easy procedure to talk to a live person in Google Customer service. It presents the users with Google customer service live person phone number where one can speak to a representative about any issue related to the service.

Get the procedure to talk to a Live Person:

  • Firstly, the users need to dial the phone number and select among the options.
  • The user needs to press 1 if he/she wants any assistance related to apps, music, and downloads.
  • Press 2 in case of contacting the technical support and press 3 for checking the recent orders.
  • Press 4 to deal with any questions regarding buying and for more options, press 5

If the above-mentioned steps are not sufficient to state your query and you need to press 5 then the next list of the menu will appear, asking the further pieces of information. Here is the list of the menu that will appear after pressing 5:

  • The user will be asked to press 1 for Nest support.
  • In case of persisting any issue with Gmail or related service, the user will be asked to press 2.
  • The user needs to press 3, in order to visit back the main menu.
  • If you are not sure then the automated system will ask you to press 4.
  • After following the given sequence of the procedure, you will get connected to a live person where you can discuss the issue and can be resolved without a hassle.

Apart from these services, Google also provides a number of alternative options to talk to a customer service representative.

  • Regarding the Google Adwords services, it presents a support number in the United States in order to eliminate the hassles of the users.
  • Also, the customer can opt the Google customer service phone number live person option to easily reach a person and fix the queries.

If the problem is still persisting then users can avail the email chat service from any remote location to over the retaining issue. Over the mail, one can get an instant reply by the expert executives who are competent to help the customers.

In this way, one can easily talk to a live person or can reach a representative in order to resolve the query in a no wait time.

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