How To Fix Google App Not Working on Android?

Reasons why Google App is Not Working and Ways to Fix iT

Google is our one step solution to all problems. In just one click we can find anything and everything. But what if Google stops working? Do not worry, if your Google app is not working on android then you can fix it. If you are wondering how then this blog will provide you the answer.

Google app can face various issues. These problems can hamper the working. Some of the reasons for the app to not work are:

  • Cache & cookies
  • Outdated version
  • Unwanted apps
  • Virus
  • Network issues

There are ways by which you can fix these issues manually. You can try any of the fixes to resolve the issues.

  • Cache & Cookies

Whenever we browse Google saves cache and cookies. These caches can overload the browser. These caches can also be malicious. So you need to delete these caches and check if Google starts working.

  • Outdated Version

Another common issue is that the app is not updated. Outdated versions cause problems as they do not support the system. So to prevent this, check if a new version is available. If yes, then update Google app.

  • Unwanted Apps

Another reason could be that your device has unwanted apps installed that Google prohibits. These apps can create issues and so uninstall them.

  • Virus

There might also be virus on your device system. Run an antivirus to detect it. If you find any, quickly remove it. Now check if the app is working again.

  • Network Issues

A trivial issue that can cause Google app to stop working is internet connectivity. Your network can be poor which can create issues in loading page. You can turn off mobile data and turn it on after a while.

  • Restart

You can also restart you device. This will eliminate minor issues.

  • Incognito Mode

You can also try to use Google app in incognito mode and see if it works.

If the issue of Google App Not Working on Android still persists then you can take help from the customer service center of Google. They will provide you reliable and instant solutions.

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