Gmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number, Email and Security Question

Gmail/Google Account Password Recovery Without Phone Number using Security Questions and Recovery Email

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to recover the password of the Gmail account without using the Phone Number. For this the user needs to follow the steps stated below in order to resolve the issue of Gmail Password Recovery without Phone Number.

  • The user needs to launch the official website of the Gmail and then enter the email address and then proceed further by clicking on the Next button.
  • The users may click on the Forgot password link. If the users remember the last password, then the users may enter may enter the password.
  • In case the user does not remember the password, the users may answer some security questions that are being asked using which the users may be able to recover the password.
  • If the user do not know the password, then the users may enter the recovery email id using which the users will be able to recover the password of the Gmail account and thus able to recover their account.
  • The users will receive a verification code on their email id using which the users may sign in to the Gmail account and thus get access on Gmail.
  • Once the user recover the password, then the users may dial Gmail Password Recovery Number for recovering the password of the Gmail account.

These are some of the steps that the users need to follow in order to recover the password of the Gmail account without using any phone number. The steps stated are simple and can be executed in a simple and easy manner. By dialling the Gmail Password Recovery Number, the users may recover the password of the Gmail account by talking to the experts. These experts are full of knowledge and possess the skills to solve the issues faced by the users.

Gmail/Google Account Password Recovery Without Phone Number using Comprehensive Process

Here, is the procedure for doing the easy recovery of the Google account without using phone number:

  • It is first required to introduce the official website of Gmail and enter the email address that has been registered.
  • Tap on Forgot Password link.When you don’t remember the last password that has been used, you need to click over the link “try another way.”
  • When an alternate email address has been provided by you, you need to enter the same and tap “Next.”
  • You should open the same email address which has been registered by you, it contains the password recovery link.
  • When you click on link, individual will be directed to the Gmail Password Recovery page.
  • It is now need to create a new password.
  • When you want to recover Gmail Account Password without Number and Email address, it is required to go by the few security questions and answers.
  • You should provide the correct answers to all the questions and tap Next.
  • When you provide the incorrect information, it is really hard to recover the Gmail Password. You should perform the whole process in a correct way.
  • When you complete the entire process, you will get the instruction of guideline to create a new password.
  • You may now create a strong password and ensure to remember the same.

If you still need help for the resolved issue, it is required for you to connect with team of tech experts. Technicians will first understand the whole issue and then suggest with specific solution. To contact experts, there is need to use Gmail password recovery number. You can find it easily and can dial it anytime.

How to Recover Gmail/Google Password with Phone Number?

Want to Recover Gmail/Google Password with Phone Number?

Gmail is the free email service provided by Google to its users. This email helps in accessing, authorizing and authenticating the Google services and products, along with that many other applications on the internet also.
If the user is availing this email of Google, then it might be possible that the user is logged out and unable to login. The issue might come up due to the lost or forgotten password of the Gmail account. If the user wants to recover the Gmail password, then there are number of methods to do so. For Gmail/Google password recovery with phone number, the below mentioned steps are followed:

  • In the first step, the Google account recovery page is visited by the user in the web browser.
  • There, the link saying Forgot password is clicked to initiate the recovery process of password.
  • On the next page that appears on the screen, the user is required to enter the email address of the account whose password is lost or forgotten.
  • When continue is clicked, the next page is prompted on which the user is asked to enter the last password that is remembered. If not, the option of try another method is chosen.
  • The next page will display a mobile number on the screen with last 2 digits. If the user identifies the number, then a verification code is sent on that number. The code is used to reset the password.
  • The new password is created and is used to login to the account.

For any other assistance, the technical support centre is contacted whose contact details are mentioned on the Google’s official webpage. The best help is provided by them to the Google users.

How to Recover Gmail/Google Account Password without Email?

Are you looking forward to learning the Google password recovery process? No worries! We have come with the password recovery process without using the recovery email. The entire process has been simplified into simple steps. Today you will learn the process of recovering Google password using your Gmail App. It won’t take more than 10 minutes. Believe us; the Google password recovery process is easier than your imagination. Let’s get into it.

  • Open the Gmail app and click on the Google icon.
  • Enter the phone number associated with your Google account.
  • Go to the lower-right corner and Click on Next.
  • Now you need to click on Forgot password.
  • Here you will be insisted on entering the last password you have remembered.
  • Click on Next.
  • Not remember any of your passwords.
  • Go to the below section of the password field and Try another way to sign in.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You will be asked to confirm a text to the phone number associated with your Google account.
  • You will receive a verification code as text message.
  • Open the text message from Google and find the received code.
  • Enter it in the field on the screen.
  • It will enable you to enter a new password and confirm it.
  • Save the changes.Now you can make your account login by using the new password. You need not get worried if you are facing any problem in executing the steps of Google account recovery. Google’s highly trained technical support team is there to help you. They are driven by years of experience and promised to help the billions of Gmail users spread across the sphere.

How to Recover Gmail Password via Email?

Gmail might have turned out to the top email service worldwide, but the users are still facing issues while working with it. And it has been observed that maximum issues are associated with account recover. If you are also the one then you may follow the steps below to get back your account.

Steps to Recover Your Gmail Password

  • Open the web browser and visit from its search bar.
  • Enter the username in the login page that you want to recover and tap “Next”.
  • Tap on “Forget Password?” option available just below the password field and you will be redirected to recovery page.
  • The user is then required to choose an option from the three to recover the account. In case you do not have the linked phone number then also you can recover the account.
  • The user may select the option of Gmail password recovery via Email and check the email that is linked to the account.
  • Tap on “Send Code” option and check the same in the inbox of recovery email.
  • On receiving the verification code enter the same on the screen.
  • Allow some time to Gmail to check the code and then you will be allowed to create a new password. Hence, create a strong and unique password and tap “Next”.
  • Your Gmail password will be changed successfully.

Still Unable To Recover? Do Not Panic and Contact Gmail Support

In case you are still not able to get back your Gmail account then you may dial Gmail support number. This helpline number is active for 24 hours so that the user does not hesitate in contacting the helpline.

Gmail/Google Password Recovery without Security Question

It is important that one should always remember his/her gmail password since forgetting your gmail password can have terrible results especially in any business situations. You can reset your password by answering a security question you picked when initially creating your account. In case when you can’t recall the answer to your security question google gives you three extra approaches for gmail password recovery without security question. These approaches are briefly explained in the following paragraph:

Via Email

  • Open the google accounts recovery page in your internet browser.
  • Enter Your Email id.
  • Then You Enter the last password you remember
  • After that google will send you a password reset email to your recovery Email address.

Via Mobile Phone Number

  • Open the google accounts recovery page in your internet browser.
  • Enter the mobile number associated with that account.
  • After that google will send you the verification code on your mobile number
    Enter The Code.
  • After entering the verification code you can reset your password.

Please also note:

If your account is not related to any backup email or mobile phone in that case you can click “Verify Your Identity” to answer a series of difficult questions in regards to your account.If you answer the questions accurately, Google will reset your password.

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    1. If you are changing your Android device or have added multiple Google account and need to remove that, do not get hassled. Google provides an easy strategy to add and remove Google account on an Android device.
      Steps to remove Google account from an Android device:
      1. Here is the simple procedure to remove your Google account from Android.
      2. On your Android device, select the Gmail icon and click on it.
      3. On the top left corner of the screen, you will get horizontal bars displayed. Click on it.
      4. There you will get a list of options.
      5. In front of the username of your Gmail account, a drop down arrow is displayed. You need to click on that drop down arrow in order to get the corresponding option.
      6. Click on the gear shaped icon of “Manage Account” and from there, select the Google option.
      7. Now, from the top bar, select the three dots to drop down the menu that indicated “Sync Now” or “Remove Account” option.
      8. From there, you need to click on the “Remove Account” button in order to eliminate your Gmail account from that device.
      In this way, you can remove the Google account from your Android device without any hassle. In case, you are feeling difficulty while logging in to your account or have no access to your account then do not worry. You can gain access to your account by opting the simple procedure of Google account recovery number. Google provides a number of options to recover the Gmail account instantly.

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    1. Google account has become the favourite account for all the user ever since it has been introduced in the market. With certain specific and interesting function, this account gives tough competition to the other email accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail etc. And one such service is the two-step verification by Google account.

      The two-step verification is an extra added security layer apart from protecting the password. This can be activated and has many benefits. One major reason is that any third person will not be able to log into your account with this extra protected layer. This involves a security key apart from the password and to know to recover your account one can follow the steps below.
      1. Launch the web browser and go to Google account recovery page.
      2. Enter the username and password and then tap next.
      3. Go to account security and then tap two-step verification security.
      4. Enter your password and then enter the phone number so that the security can be sent.
      5. When you get the security code, enter the same in the space provided and tap enter.
      6. When you enter the code correctly, you can recover your Google account.
      Need Help? Contact Google Customer Support
      In case, you need any more assistance then you can contact on the toll-free Google account recovery number which is available for 24/7 at your service. The customer support representatives will be delighted to help you and resolve your issue in a short span of time.

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