Gmail Not Receiving Emails

Simple Procedure to Fix Gmail Not to Receiving Email Issue

Gmail as you might be aware is a very popular email service which is used by zillions of people on a regular basis to send and receive large amount of data. Indeed, Gmail service is one of the finest service of Google but there are times when users face some technical problems with their Gmail account like Gmail Not Receiving Emails. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved easily by making some simple changes in the settings.In case, if you are not aware how to make these changes, here you will be provided with the detailed procedure in order to fix this issue.

Follow the Steps to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Email Issue:

Generally such issues occur when there is an issue with the configuration settings. Hence, in order to make changes in the Gmail configuration, you simply need to follow the instructions provided.

  • For fixing this issue, the user is required to visit the Gmail sign in page and enter their login details.
  • After logging in, the user needs to click on the settings icon and select settings.
  • Further, the user needs to click on the Forwarding POP/IMAP option in order to fix this issue.
  • Under that section, the user needs to click on enable POP for all email option.
  • Then, the user needs to click on Save Changes button to save all the changes.

And after completion of this process, the user needs to check whether the issue is resolved or not. In case, if the issue persists, then user can contact Google support for assistance. Hence, this was the simple solution to fix Gmail unable to receive email issues. Next time, whenever you encounter this issue, simply follow the instructions provided or contact the support.

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