How to Fix Error Google Play Services Won’t Update?

Check Out the Fixes for Google Play Service Update Error

In today’s world of technology, smartphones play a vital role in everybody’s lives. If anything minor happens to the phone, it seems major. But in some cases, the issues are actually major, such as if Google Play services stop working, it would be a problematic situation.

Steps to fix the update issue of Google Play

There are times when Google Play services does not work as required and other apps also stops working. The application is pre-installed and helps in updating any app in the Play Store. To fix the problem, user can try the below mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart Phone: A simple restart of a device resolves the issue in most of the cases.
  • Check Storage: Google Play service usually updates in the background but the issue is faced when the storage space is full. For this, user is required to empty space in the phone.
  • Correct Date and Time: For the proper working of Google Play services, the date and time on the phone should always be correct. To set it, System settings can be used.
  • Clear Cache and Data: To fix the update issue of Google Play services, user needs to clear the cache and cookies from the device.
  • Enable Play Services: It might be possible that accidently the Google Play services were disabled. When the update is not working, user needs to enable the Play services.
  • Reset App Preferences: Sometimes by resetting the app preferences, the issue of Play services might get fixed.

Above mentioned fixes will help a user to resolve the issue of Google play service won’t update.

For any help or assistance, a user can contact the technical support of Google. The technical experts will resolve the issue. The contact details to reach out the support department are provided on the official website of Google.

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