Facebook Account Recovery Number

How to Recover Facebook Accounts?

Have you lost access to your Facebook account? If yes then you shall not panic as your issue can be resolved by following the steps below.

Steps to Get Back Facebook Account Without Hassle!

  • Visit Facebook page from the preferred web browser.
  • Enter the username in the space given and that you want to recover.
  • In the password field, tap on the “Forgot Password” option and you will be taken to the Facebook account recovery page.
  • Three recovery options will be displayed in front of you and you can select any one recovery option.
  • If you choose recovery with the help of text then enter the phone number and tap the “Send Code” option.
  • A SMS sent to you which needs to entered in the recovery page.
  • If a user happens to choose recovery with the help of email then you will be asked to enter an alternate email address. Enter the email and tap the “Send Email” option.
  • Check the inbox and enter the code received to you on the Facebook recovery page.
  • Facebook will allow you to create a new password only after analyzing the verification code from its server.
  • After permission, you will be creating such a password which is strong for others to crack and easy for you to remember.
  • Enter the password once again in the box and tap “OK” to confirm.

So, with the help of the above steps, you can recover Facebook account without any hassle. In case of any issue or help you are free to get in touch with Facebook customer support 650-543-4800 and 650-897-1300 which is 24/7 active.

How to Recover Facebook Account without Phone Number?

Get a Step by Step Procedure for Facebook Account Recovery Without Phone Number

Recovering a Facebook account when you lose the password is quite an easy task. But it becomes troublesome when you don’t have access to your phone number associated with your account. However, the job can be done using email addresses or via other ways of recovery. Just in case, you don’t have access to your phone number and want to do Facebook account recovery without phone number, you still can get access to your Facebook account. You need to perform the recovery using the email address and to help you with it, here is a list of instructions that are required to be performed. So, go along with this post and recover your Facebook account without any hassle.

Follow the Steps to Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number

  • To begin with, you should reach the Facebook login page.
  • There you should enter the Facebook account username and select the Forgot Password option.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the Facebook recovery options page where you have to choose or provide your email address linked to your Facebook account.
  • In this way, you would receive a verification code on your email address and you’re required to enter that code in the given field.
  • Once your ownership to that account is established, you would see the password reset options. You should create and confirm the password.

As soon as, you confirm the password and save the changes, you are ready to access your Facebook account using the new password. In addition, if you find any trouble while doing the Facebook account recovery, you can get assistance from the Facebook support team anytime from anywhere.

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