How to Delete Facebook Account After Death?

The active facebook profile of any close family or friend who is dead might be disturbing. It feels like one can still have a conversation with the user. The posts shared, pictures uploaded, status and thoughts shared on someone’s profile who is dead or deceased one is quite disturbing for its family member who is trying to cope up with the major loss of a loved one.

Facebook empathizes with the user and its loved ones and thinking of such a situation, it has some measures which will delete the account permanently. Yes, the best way out to get rid of the “Active” status of the Facebook account is to delete the account. And the solution is provided here in this article. Read further to know about it.

Learn How To Delete Facebook Account of Dead Person?

There is no need to get anxious if anyone is not aware of the password. And to know how to delete the Facebook account after death, follow the steps below.

  • From your Facebook account, click on “Star” on the right hand of the user’s page.
  • The user needs to click “Help” proceeding with “Visit help centre”.
  • Type “Delete Facebook Account of Dead Person” and then tap “Remove Account”.
  • Facebook will ask the user to fill the online form with important documents to be uploaded.

The list of required documents are:

  • Birth Certificate of dead person
  • Death certificate
  • Proof of authority from local law to prove lawful representative of the account.

The account will be removed permanently and the representative will be receiving the notifications for the same. Now, pictures and posts will not come haunting its close friends and family.

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  1. Thanks to you your article is more helpful and informative for how to delete facebook account after death. I try this process my mother Facebook account has delete.

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