How to Fix Computer and PC not Booting?

Fix a Computer That Won’t Boot Up with These Simple and Effective Methods

You just turned on your computer after a few moments and suddenly your computer is not booting or it refuses to boot up and showing some unwanted error on your screen? Have you ever stuck into such a sort of circumstance with your computer? If yes, then don’t worry at all because Windows won’t boot up is one of the most common errors faced by the very computer user once in a while. There are several reasons for a computer not booting up issue and it is always hard to say about the exact cause of this problem. But there are plenty of solutions to resolve the not booting up issue of computer mentioned in this article.

Why is My Computer not Booting Up?

If your computer is not booting properly or stopped booting, then it may cause due to the varied reasons and some of them are given below:

  • Due to the hardware problems.
  • Using the outdated Windows OS.
  • Faulty or outdated drivers.
  • Improper or faulty power cable.
  • Due to excessive overheat.
  • Software related problems.

How to Fix Computer not Booting Up Issue?

If you want to resolve the not booting up issue of your computer, then you can simply follow the below instructions:

Method 1: Unplug USB cables and check it

Sometimes your computer doesn’t get a proper power supply which is most important to boot up and it may cause due to the faulty cables. You can unplug all the connected USB cables from your computer including the external USB devices. After that, wait for fewer times and then reconnect the USB cables to your computer.

Method 2: Restart your computer in Safe Mode

One of the best ways to fix the plenty of computer related problems is trying safe mode and if you are getting a booting issue, then you must try it. You can easily fix the PC not booting issue after starting your computer in safe mode through the below steps:

  • First of all, restart your computer and then press the F8 keys continuously until you would not see the Windows logo.
  • Now release the F8 button and then you can simply enter into the safe mode.
  • After that, you can normally start your computer and check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Method 3: Check your computer’s OS

Using an outdated OS of your computer also leads to plenty of technical issues and you may also get the booting issues with your computer if you are using the outdated OS. So you can simply resolve the not booting up issue after updating your OS to the latest version.

Method 4: Check for hardware problems

Sometimes any hardware problem in your computer also causes plenty of issues and you should check if there is any kind of hardware issue. An excessive heat, hard drive, or other hardware components may cause such sort of issues in your computer that you should check.

By following these above-given steps, a computer not booting up issue can be fixed in a very effective and simple manner. But in case you are still facing a booting issue or have any kind of query, then you should contact the support team of the computer for the relevant assistance.

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