5 Methods to Log in to Gmail Account?

The Gmail Account and Modus Operandi to Log in to Gmail Account

Gmail is the the product of Google which lets its users to create free Email account. Millions of people around the world use Gmail services for sending and receiving the mails And if you want to create your account on Gmail, and needed to know what are the various ways, then, you can do it in following ways:

  • Signing into Gmail with the use of web.
  • Signing into Gmail on ios devices.
  • Signing into Gmail account on android devices.
  • Signing in with various Gmail account.
  • Signing into Gmail on Blackberry Mobile Devices.

Signing In to Gmail with The Use of Web:

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Go to official website of Google which is https://www.google.com
  • Select the Sign in present at the top right corner of the google.
  • Enter your Email address in the username which you had used to create your account.
  • Below the username, you will get an option to enter your password.
  • Enter the Gmail password, but you need to pay attention that passwords are case sensitive.
  • Click Next
  • Clicking on Next takes you to your account.

Signing into Gmail on ios Devices:

If you possess the iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, or Mac and if you need to log into your device, then, go through following steps to log into your Gmail account:

  • Go to the home screen of your iOS device.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • You need to select from mail, contacts and calendar option mentioned there.
  • Once you selected mail, contacts and calendar option, select on add account menu.
  • After selecting add account menu, when you are asked to click on the email provider, You are required to select on google.
  • On the next page, you need to enter the Google account email address in the username menu, and enter the password in the text field of password.
    Select the Sign In and start sending and receiving the Emails.

Signing into Gmail account on Android Devices:

  • In Android devices, a built-in app of Gmail is already present.
  • All you need to do is tap on Gmail account app.
  • When you tap on Gmail account app, you need to enter the username.The username is your Email address.
  • And in the password field, enter your password, the password is case sensitive,so, you need to pay attention where you need to off the caps lock and where you need to make the caps lock on.
  • When you enter the password, it will take you to the your account.

Signing in with Various Gmail Account

  • If you have multiple account on Gmail , then you can log in using any of your account but you should know the password of each account.
  • When you go to Gmail site, the page shows you the username and password field.
  • If you are logging in with a newly made account, you need to provide the username and password as well.
  • Gmail remembers your Gmail ID if you have logged into your account before, click on your Gmail ID to log into your account, then, enter the password associated with that account.
  • This will direct you to open your account.

Sign into Gmail on Blackberry Mobile Devices:

If you are a user of Blackberry mobile devices, then, you can also sign into your Gmail account by following these steps:

  • If you need to Sign in on Blackberry mobile, go to the home screen of mobile.
  • Select the Setup Menu
  • You need to click on the Email accounts and then select an internet mail account menu.
  • Since, you need to log into your Gmail account, click on Gmail.
  • You need to click on Continue to complete the Sign in process.
  • When you complete the Sign in process, you will get a notification that your Gmail account is signed in.

However, if you are stuck somewhere,or have any query or doubt, call on Gmail tech support phone number to take the assistance of tech support team of the Gmail.

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