Facebook Password Recovery without Phone Number, Email id and Security Question

Facebook Password Recovery without Phone Number Email Id and Security Question

How to Recover Facebook Password without Phone Number?

The “forgotten password” is a common issue faced by Facebook users. Facebook provides an easy approach to recover and reset the password of their account without any hassle. If you are seeking for the procedure to recover Facebook password without phone number then you can read along to get a genuine result of your search.

Steps to Recover your Facebook Password without Phone Number:

  • First of all, visit the Facebook login page.
  • In the given field, type your username.
  • There, you will get the option of RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT. Click on it.
  • Switch to the site Report Compromised Account by opening a new tab of the browser.
  • There, it will display an option of “ my account is compromised”. Click on the same.
  • Enter your email address, full name and username that is linked with your account and tap the SEARCH button.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter the old password that you remember in the given field.
  • Click on CONTINUE button.
  • Select your desired option to recover your facebook account. Opting the method of recovery via mail is supposed to be the most convenient option.
  • After selecting the recovery method, proceed with the process.
  • Facebook will send you a recovery code to your email address.
  • Type that recovery code in the required field and click to proceed.
  • Doing so will give you the option to reset a new password to your Facebook account.
  • Type your new password and retype the same password in the required fields.
  • Save the changes made to your Facebook account in order to update the settings.

After following the steps, you will get access to your Facebook account.

How to Recover Facebook Password without Email and Security Question?

Informative steps to know how to recover the password of facebook account without email and security question

Stay connected with friends and other members by signing in to the Facebook account:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by people all over the world. Facebook help people to stay connected with each other. The users may share posts, pictures, comments with the help of this platform. There are at least 2.5 billion monthly users in the world. At times, the users may forget the password of their Facebook account. Then the users should not get worried. In order to recover the password of Facebook account, the users may contact the technical experts of the technical support team for availing instant assistance. The task is simple if the steps for doing the same are implemented in a procedural manner.

Follow these simple steps to know how can the users recover the password of Facebook account:

The user needs to follow the steps listed below in order to know how can they recover facebook password without email in a fast and quick manner.

Method 1 : Identifying the Facebook Account

Facebook will ask the users to confirm that the account belongs to them so that they can recover the password.

  • The user needs to navigate to this URL Find Your Account in their browser.
  • The user may ask any of their Facebook friends to look at About section of the profile and then send the mobile phone number listed in the Contact Information section.
  • Then in the Find account page, the user needs to enter the phone number that the user uses.
  • A verification code will be send on the specified phone number using which the users will be able to recover their Facebook account.
  • The user may add a username.

By following the steps listed above, the users will be able to recover their facebook account.

Method 2 : Recovering Account Through Friends:

The users may recover Facebook password without security questions with the help of the friends. In case, the user is locked out of the Facebook account, then the user needs to follow the set of instructions listed below in order to recover their Facebook account.

  • The user needs to navigate to the Facebook login page and then click on the forgot password option.
  • If prompted, the user needs to find the account by entering the email, username phone, or full name and then click on the Search option.
  • Facebook will then provide the users with a list of phone numbers in order to confirm that the account belongs to the user.
  • In case, if the user does not have any of these emails, then the users may click on the option stating No longer have access to these.
  • In the next step , the user needs to enter a new phone number which the user can access to and then the user needs to click on the continue option.
  • In this step, the user may use the trusted contacts.
  • The user may click on the Reveal My Trusted Contacts option and then type the full name of one of the trusted contacts.
  • After doing this, Facebook will provide a URL and set of instructions that the user needs to send to the trusted contacts.
  • The URL contains a recovery code that can be accessed by some of the trusted contacts whose name has been mentioned.
  • The user may provide the URL to their friends and then call their friends and give them the URL so that the trusted friends may open the link and give the security code to the user.
  • After sending and receiving the recovery codes, the user may use these recovery codes from the trusted contacts in order to access their facebook account.

The user may contact the technical experts if they face some issues.

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