How to Sign Out iTunes Account?

How to Sign Out iTunes Account?

Itunes is one of the leading and most popular application on the Apple platform whether its Iphone, mac or Ipad and so forth. Any user which has an apple product or having any account can access the app. After its introduction there were complete revolution happens in the music industry. But as with any product, there are certain issue face by the itunes user, one of the common problem face by the itune user is how to sign out itunes account. In that case, it’s better to take the help from through technical support staff or look out for the below procedures:

  • First of all, locate your application folder and then open the app store.
  • Further after opening the App store,user needs to locate the store menu at the top of screen.
  • Now make sure to click on the sign out or go to the Featured tab.
  • Further click on the Account tab.
  • Now, you will see an option to sign out and then click on it.

In case, if the user faces any problem related to the sign out itunes account, then user can take the assistance from the technical assistance team. They have a highly qualified customer service which will make sure that all their customer concerns will be resolved on quickly basis. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that all the grievances will be fixed in proper manner without any delay.

How Can I Sign Out of my iTunes Account on the iPhone?

Steps to Sign out of iTunes Account on the iPhone!

If you are using iTunes and need to sign out of your iTunes account and you are seeking for the answer how to sign out of your iTunes account on the iPhone, you can go through following steps but if you need immediate assistance you can contact the customer care on iTunes phone number:

For iOS 10.3:

  • Click or tap on Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Settings shows the Apple ID banner that you can tap on.
  • Tap on Sign out on your Apple ID.
  • The next option that you need to click on is the option Sign out of Cloud .
  • Enter the password.

If you have iOS 10.2.1 or earlier on your iPhone or iPad and you need to sign out of iCloud, you can go through following steps to Sign out of your iTunes account:

  • On the iPhone or iPad, you need to click on Settings.
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Tap on Sign out and you can scroll down.
  • Tap or click on Sign out.
  • Tap or click on Delete.
  • Enter the password.

However, if you have already gone through the above processes and but unable to sign out of iTunes account, you can take expert assistance, all you need to do is contact the iTunes phone number.

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