How to Sign in Outlook Account?

How to Sign in Outlook Account?

Before accessing the Outlook account to perform any activity, it is mandatory to sign in to the account. If you are looking for how to Sign in Outlook Account then this article will end your search. You can sign in to your Outlook account by going through the following steps:

  • Open the sign in page of outlook account.
  • From there, select the option to sign in.
  • It will ask the user to enter the credentials.
  • Enter the email address or your phone number that is registered as your username in the required field.
  • Tap the NEXT option.
  • Doing so will prompt you to the next page.
  • Type your password in the given field.
  • Click the SIGN IN option.

Now, you will be successfully signed in to your Outlook account and you can carry out the desired activity in your account. Outlook provides the facility for the users to keep logged in and reuse the account even without entering the credentials. If you want to access your account next time directly then you can tap the checkbox “Keep me signed in”. In case of any trouble regarding the sign in process, you can contact the Outlook customer service.

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