How to Change, Reset, Recover and Delete Excel Password?

How to Reset the Excel Document Password?

Procedure to reset the password of excel document

Excel is a product of Microsoft and is a spreadsheet. It involves the use of calculations, pivot tables etc. it is widely used by the users to save the data on the spreadsheets.

Excel offers a facility of keeping the document password protected. In Excel Password reset process, following steps are involved:

  • Firstly open the worksheet which requires password reset.
  • Once opened, the user needs to select the option of ‘File’ menu in the upper left side of the screen.
  • Then click on the option ’Info.’
  • After that, the option ‘Encrypt Workbook’ should be selected that is next to ‘Permissions’. Then, another menu will come up.
  • Then, choose the option ‘Encrypt with password’. After this, all other menus which were already opened will be closed and a password encryption window comes up.
  • Finally, make the field of password blank and then enter a new password there, then select ‘OK’. The password can be changed by typing the new one and then click ‘OK’.

In case of any assistance or help required regarding the excel sheets, then technical support executive can be contacted by simply dialing the excel password reset number. They will provide complete resolutions to the queries. The information regarding the customer support is provided on the official website.

How to Recover Excel Password?

You have lost your MS Excel document password, and you are unable to open the excel document you urgently. It is an annoying situation, but common. Many people face a similar situation. Most of them waste a lot of time in guessing and trying different passwords. Very few users are familiar with the magical software that can help any user in recovering the lost password within a few minutes.

How do I Manually Recover my Excel Password That is Lost?

  • Download Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software.
  • Install it.
  • Run Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software.
  • You will be asked to link the concerned Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks file.
  • Keep your eyes in the file saving dialogue appears on your screen.
  • Your lost password will be recovered within a few seconds.

How do I Recover my Excel Password via Excel Password Recovery Number?

If you are not ready to use the Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software, you are suggested to dial the helpline number boast by Microsoft. Excel password recovery number is globally acknowledged for its wide-ranging support and optimum user-friendliness. You may dial it anytime or may make a callback request. Microsoft tech support engineers are committed to delivering high-class support services in any hour of the day. They are not ready to make any type of compromise with the quality of delivered services.


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