How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone?

Check out the Detailed Procedure to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

Printing has become simpler after the introduction of printing devices. And with such an increase in demand for printers, many companies produced their printers with multiple features to make printing a simpler and easier task.

Currently, various companies are offering users with printers, but Canon printers are one of the most used devices. Also, the developers have introduced multiple features in the device to make it equipped with all the latest functionalities like wireless printing.

Well, using the Canon printer for printing purposes is quite simple. But, there are a few users who have a query on how they can Connect Canon Printer to iPhone. So, to help out the user with this query, the user can check out the detailed steps mentioned in this article.

Follow the instructions to link Canon printer to iPhone

Note: The below-provided steps explain how the user can use the AirPrint service to print wirelessly using the Canon printer.


  • First, the user needs to ensure that the Canon printer model supports AirPrint.
  • Also, the user is required to ensure that the iPhone and the Canon printer are connected to the same network.

Steps to connect Canon printer to iPhone

  • Before heading on with the process, the user needs to ensure that the Canon printer is connected to the LAN network.
  • Now, select an app from the iPhone and tap on the operation option to view the menu.
  • In the menu option, tap on the Print option and proceed with the process.
  • Then, from the provided printer models, tap on the Canon Printer model that needs to be connected.
  • Further, select the number of copies and set the duplex printing options.
  • After that, the user simply needs to tap on the Print option to complete the printing process.

And with the completion of these steps, the process to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone is completed. For user who has queries regarding the process, they can contact Apple support for required help.

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