How do I Connect my Android TV to WiFi?

Connect Your Android TV to Wifi in Simple and Quick Steps

The use of smart TV has reached a different level and there are millions of users currently using across the world. One of the most common concepts which are currently trending in the market is Android TV that’s including numerous beneficial features. Users can simply connect their Android TV to their Smartphone and enjoy the ultimate streaming features. One can simply access Android TV for multiple things but sometimes many users confront problems whenever they try to connect Android TV to Wifi connection.

How Do I Connect My Android TV to Wifi?

Have you recently purchased a new Android TV and want to connect it to a Wi-Fi connection? But don’t know how to connect it? Then don’t think too much about that as you can simply connect it within a very effective manner. You can easily and straightforwardly connect Android TV to Wifi with the help of the mentioned instructions.

Steps to Connect Android TV to Wifi:

  • First of all, make sure that you have an active internet connection which is very important to connect your TV.
  • Now press the Home button on your remote.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Now the TV menu will open and then select Network & Internet.
  • Choose the Easy setup option.
  • Now choose Wi-Fi.
  • After that, you will see the list of available Wifi networks and then select your Wifi network from the list.
  • Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and then select the Connect option to complete the process.

You can connect Android TV to Wifi after following the above-given steps in a very simple way. But if you are still not capable of connecting your Android TV or finding any kind of difficulty during the process, then you can contact the customer support team and gain the required solutions.

How Reset Snapchat Password?

How to Reset Snapchat Password?

Snapchat is a multimedia message app that is generally used across the world. This kind does the app you can install on your mobile phone and laptop but don’t miss the internet service. It will let you talk easily with friends and relatives, and officially members as well. It is required to sign-in with the correct email address and password but if you face any error and don’t know what to do you need to reset your account using the proper methods.

It is very simple to reset the Snapchat password when you forget the password or any suspicious person has accessed your account. However, if you are looking for the ways and don’t know what to do, read proper ways showing down.

Following are the ways assisting you to get the issue fixed to reset the password of Snapchat soon:

  • At first, visit the Snapchat website and click on the login button to access your account.
  • If face any error and don’t know what to do, you can have basic guidance and help after clicking on the forgot password button.
  • Enter the alternate email address and password to access and then select the verify button.
  • It is a password reset code that makes you eligible to type the fresh password soon.
  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password field showing down and press on the login button at the end of the task.

If you have accessed your account easily, you have succeeded in the task of the Snapchat password reset process. However, if you are looking for assistance as you are now facing trouble, you can simply contact our tech support team that will provide your basic advice to get the issue fixed instantly.

How to Reset Snapchat Password without Phone Number?

Have you forgotten your Snapchat password and are unable to log into the account? If yes, then you shall not panic as you can choose to reset the password with the help of various recovery steps. But, if you do not have a verified phone number linked to the account and are wondering whether you will be able to reset Snapchat password without phone number then you can follow the steps below.

How to Reset Your Snapchat Password without Phone Number?

  • Unlock your device and go to the Snapchat application from the application of your device.
  • Enter the username in the sign-in page that gets displayed in front of you and tap the “Forgot Password?” option.
  • You will be redirected to the Snapchat password reset page where you need to choose any one recovery option.
  • As you do not have a phone number linked to the account hence you can tap on recovery with the help of email.
  • the password reset link is sent to your email. Enter the inbox and tap on the link such that you get to know about the verification code.
  • Enter the code in the Snapchat recovery page and tap “Next”.
  • Snapchat will allow users to create a new password and you need to make sure that you create a password that is easy to remember and tap “OK” to confirm.

A user can easily reset his password with the above Snapchat password reset option. But, even after following the steps above your issue does not get resolved then you can contact its customer service.

How to Reset Snapchat Password without Email?

Check out the detailed procedure to reset the Snapchat account password without email

Snapchat, as you might know, is a popular multimedia messaging app that allows the users to easily talk friends, share life stories, and explore new things around the world. Hence, one says that this application has completely modified the messaging and social sharing patterns.

Besides, the services offered by Snapchat impeccable, but there are a few users who might encounter an issue while accessing the service. And in most cases, this issue arises because of the Forgotten password issue that can be resolved in time by trying out the Snapchat password reset process.

Procedure to reset Snapchat account password

Well, the procedure to reset the Snapchat account is simple, but there are a few users who have a query on how they can reset the Snapchat password without the email. So, to help out users in such situations, the users are offered an alternative method to reset the password.

  • For this process, the user is required to launch the Snapchat app on the device.
  • Now, the user needs to enter the username of the account and click on the Forgot password option.
  • Then, the user is required to select a reset password using the phone number option.
  • After that, a code will be provided to the user that they need to offer at the time of account verification.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can set the new password for their Snapchat account and save the changes.

Hence, with the completion of this process, the user can easily reset the password for their Snapchat account. If the user has queries, they can contact the support for assistance.

How to Reset Snapchat Password without Verification Code?

Reset the password of Snapchat without verification code

Snapchat is very easy to access using the correct email address and password using its official website or mobile phone. If you are the user of Snapchat, you can simply understand the better use of Snapchat that helps to talk to your friends and relatives simply. To reset the password, you are required to enter the correct alternate email address and mobile phone number that you have registered during creating your account. Notwithstanding, if you forget its alternate email address and mobile phone through which help we get the verification code, you are required to try something else to prove that you are the real user of your account and further you can reset the password with ease.

This might be a challenge when you strive to answer security questions as several people typically forget the real answer due to not using every day. Despite it, you are required to enter the right answer right after choosing security questions to reset the Snapchat password without verification code. To avoid confusion, you are here to learn more.

Following are the ways assisting you to reset the password of Snapchat easily:

  • At first, visit the Snapchat sign-in website and click on the login button to access your account soon.
  • If there is showing an error click on the forgot password button and then select another tab where you can choose the reason for the recovering password.
  • You can select the security question to choose the right answer and get the password recovery link to enter the appropriate password at the end.
  • If you still face any error regarding Snapchat password reset, you are required to contact our tech support team instantly.

How to Install Whatsapp on Android Devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Get Complete Information About WhatsApp Installation Here

If you want to access WhatsApp on your device, you can follow the given procedures to install the app without seeing any problem.

How to install WhatsApp on Android Devices?

Steps for WhatsApp Installation for Android Devices

  • At first, you need to open the Google Play Store on your android device.
  • Then using the search bar, find the WhatsApp and click Go.
  • Select the WhatsApp Messenger and click Install.
  • If prompted, click Accept.
  • In this way, the downloading would begin and as the downloading finishes, tap the Open button.
  • Next, you will see Agree and Continue option, tap on it.
  • And fill in your phone number through which you want to use WhatsApp and click OK.
  • Further, you will receive an OTP to verify your phone number, it will be a six-digit code. You need to provide that code and verify your phone number.
  • After that, type a name for your WhatsApp account also set a photo and click Next.
  • This is it! Now, you can create a chat from the available contact and continue using the WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone?

Steps for WhatsApp installation on iPhone

  • First of all, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for WhatsApp through the search bar.
  • Then you will see the Get option, click it. Also, if prompted, click Install.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID password, fill it and click Get.
    Once the downloading is finished, click Open. It will ask to access your contact; you can choose any option; OK or Don’t Allow.
  • Further, you have to click Agree and Continue, enter your number, and click Done.
  • You would receive a code, fill out that code and verify the ownership of your phone number.
  • Thereafter, set a photo and type a name for your WhatsApp account.

Now, you can use WhatsApp for chatting, video calling, voice calls, send pictures or documents. Even you can send voice notes to another WhatsApp user across the world without paying any additional charges. All you need is to connect your device with an active internet connection. Also, if you find any problem with the WhatsApp installation, you can contact the WhatsApp support team.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad?

People generally have this misconception that it is hard to install WhatsApp in the apple devices. While it has now become the premier way of installing the WhatsApp in the device, there are still a lot of people who are not aware of the process of installing it on the iPad.

Installing WhatsApp on iPad:

To install WhatsApp on the iPad, you can follow the steps that we are mentioning. These steps are quite easy to follow and you can do this in a few minutes. You can take the help of the customer care executives to understand the process. Let us have a look at the process that has to be followed.

  • The process starts with opening the browser and going to the After the page has been loaded, you will get to the home page of WhatsApp.
  • You have to now tap on the URL and then drag down so that you can reach the area of “Top Drawer”. You can now see the option named “Load desktop site”. You have to tap on that.
  • After the page has been reloaded, you will find the QR code so that you can pair this with the account of the iPhone. With your iPhone, you have to go to the settings and then on WhatsApp web and then scan the QR code that you have been given to link the two devices.
  • Once it is done, the page will reload on your iPad and it will display all your latest conversation as well as settings.

This is how you can install WhatsApp on your iPad. You can take the aforementioned steps and can resolve the issue. You can also connect with the team of apple to get knowledge about the process. They will help you out in this and will also provide you with some tips and guidance.

How Can I Install Whatsapp on My Mac?

Being a Whatsapp user, you can’t miss a single status or text that you received from your contacts. But what if you are doing an important task on your Mac and not able to reach to your phone either you might forget at your home or someone is using it for any other purposes? If so, then don’t think too much about that as you can simply access your Whatsapp on Mac after installing as it is also available for Mac devices. You would be required to Install Whatsapp on your Mac before accessing which is very simple to install if you have the detailed knowledge for the installation process.

Follow the below steps to Install Whatsapp on Your Mac:

  • First of all, open a preferred browser of your choice on Mac and go to
  • Now click on Download For MAC OS X.
  • Now Whatsapp will begin to download on your Mac and wait until it downloads.
  • After that, double-click on Whatsapp.dmg file, and then you can drag it to the Application folder.
  • Now open your Application folder on Mac and then double-click on Whatsapp to start.
  • Click on the Scan QR Code option and then scan it using your mobile’s scanner available in the Whatsapp.

With the help of the above-described steps, you can install Whatsapp on Mac within a very quick span of time and an effective manner. If you find any sort of difficulties during the installation process of Whatsapp on Mac, then you directly contact the customer support team for better assistance.

WhatsApp Account Recovery

Why You Should Install WhatsApp In Your Phone Today

Of all the messenger applications in the world, WhatsApp is the most used and preferred application among billions of users worldwide. The application is highly user-friendly and advanced tool to interact over the internet and send multimedia files including doc files easily. If you haven’t started using this revolutionary texting app in your Smartphone then it is time that you do it now. Moreover, read this article further to know more about WhatsApp and how to create an account on it.

An Overview On WhatsApp

So basically, WhatsApp is a freeware that lets you communicate with another WhatsApp user via texting. The application uses the internet connection to work and it also lets you share photos, videos, post status, doc files, location and live location with other users. The cost of using WhatsApp is zero and the app is also compatible with desktop devices. Some additional features also include group texting, message broadcasting, end-to-end encryption, etc. Moreover, WhatsApp Support services are also good to assist you with any issues that you may face while using the app.

Read further to know how support professionals can help you with the best solutions. But before have a look at the steps to download and install WhatsApp in your smart device.

Steps To Create A WhatsApp Account In Your Phone

  • First navigate to the app store (Apple or Google) in your phone or you can also visit the WhatsApp official website
  • Next look for the WhatsApp download link and then select it to download the file
  • Now, let the download finish and then the installation process will begin
  • Launch the app and then enter your country from the drop-down menu
  • Next, enter your phone number and get the 6-digit verification code from WhatsApp
  • Now, enter the code in the given field and then you can choose or enter your display name
  • Hereafter, agree with the Terms and conditions and then your WhatsApp account will be created

Moreover, you can get in touch with the tech-support at WhatsApp by dialing on the WhatsApp support number to get any further assistance on the app installation. In addition, here’s how the tech support experts can help you with other WhatsApp issues.

Services Offered By The WhatsApp Tech-Support Experts

The following are the major services offered by the tech-support professionals at WhatsApp along with the best solutions.

  • Assistance on WhatsApp download, installation and update issues
  • Backups and restorations
  • Assistance on WhatsApp business
  • Connectivity issues
  • Guidance on users privacy and security
  • Issues while sending or receiving text messages
  • 3D touch issues with WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp outage issues
  • Mute notifications and network issues

Now, you can get assistance on the aforementioned issues and things via tech experts effortlessly. All you need to do is to dial on the WhatsApp customer support number to get in touch with the professional.

How to Recover WhatsApp Account?

Can’t Recover Your WhatsApp Account? Well, Here’s What You Should Do

As the rise of social networking has been on quite a peak in the recent years, WhatsApp has becomes on the most used applications all around the world. The app has got billion of users and has gained quite popularity among individuals, companies, organizations and other professional bodies. WhatsApp is an advanced messaging application and has successfully overshadowed other popular messengers.

Now, if you have been a WhatsApp user too and have lost your account before then fret not as this article will guide you with some the best and effective that will help you to recover WhatsApp Account. Here’s how.

Top Methods To Recover An Account On WhatsApp

Recovering An Old Account

If you have lost your phone and due to which you have also list your WhatsApp access then here’s what you need to do.

  • In your new phone, download and install the WhatsApp application and then open it
  • Agree with the terms and conditions and then enter your country name on the next slide
  • Now enter you’re the number to which your WhatsApp account is linked with
  • Next, you’ll get an account verification code and that you’ll need to enter in the WhatsApp verification window
  • Now you can enter your WhatsApp display name and then sync your phone contacts with the messenger application

Restore Backup Chats

  • Launch the WhatsApp application and navigate to its settings
  • Select the Chat option and then scroll to the Chat Backup
  • Hit the option and then all the chats from your Google Drive or any other cloud service will be downloaded

However, if you are unable to do the WhatsApp account recovery then contact tech-support.

How Can I Recover my WhatsApp Account without SIM?

Have you lost your phone and hence the SIM? If yes then you must have an activated WhatsApp account? Then you shall not panic because as soon as you lock your SIM the user will not be able to reactivate your account. But if you want to recover the Whatsapp account without sim then there is one solution. And to know how to recover my Whatsapp account without SIM then you can refer to the information further.

Steps to Recover Whatsapp Account without SIM!

  • First, you need to download the Whatsapp application on any other Android device or computer.
  • If you have already installed then you can open the application. You will be asked to enter the phone number that is associated with the account.
  • And as you have lost the SIM then you can enter your landline number and tap “Next”.
  • Now Whatsapp will be asked to send a verification code to the number via SMS or call. You can choose the “Call Me” option.
  • When you get the ring, check the verification code dictated to you and enter the same in the Whatsapp page and tap “Next”.
  • Your code will be verified and you can use Whatsapp with SIM.

So, with the help of the above steps, you get back Whatsapp account recovery and its data. With this, you also should make sure that even if you do not have a SIM but the number from which your account is created should be active. For any further help, contact Whatsapp messenger customer support. This customer support is 24*7 active to help users like you.

How to Recover a Deleted Whatsapp Account ?

Once the Whatsapp account is deleted, you might think it is lost forever. But it is not the case, you can recover the Whatsapp account easily. With the recovery of the Whatsapp account, you can continue the conversations but it is only possible if there is a backup for the deleted Whatsapp account.

Recover Whatsapp account

With Whatsapp account recovery, you can restore all the lost data and chats. The account can be restored if it got deleted in the past 30 days or less than that. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete account recovery of Whatsapp:

  • To recover the Whatsapp account, install it from the play store.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • Enter the mobile number and other details.
  • You will be asked if you want to restore the previous backup of the Whatsapp messages.
  • To restore the backup messages, tap the Restore button and it will download the backup from Whatsapp servers.
  • For larger backups, you need to be patient.
  • After the downloading completes, all the data will be restored to the Whatsapp account.
  • You will get all the contacts, groups, messages, etc. restored in the device.

If a user is still not able to Recover Whatsapp account, contact the support team of Whatsapp. The executives will provide assistance for all the queries related to Whatsapp. The support services are available round the clock and you can seek help at any time. The support team can be contacted through the Settings option in Whatsapp and the contact details are also provided there in the app.

How Do I Reactivate a Suspended Whatsapp Account?

Has your Whatsapp account got suspended and you are not able to use it again? If yes, then you are not alone as thousands of users confront this issue all over the world. Whatsapp suspends your account when you perform any kind of unwanted activity or you violate the rules and restrictions prescribed by the Whatsapp. There could my many other possible causes when a Whatsapp account got suspended and then users find the Whatsapp account recovery ways to recover their account which is possible to do in simple steps.

Steps to recover suspended Whatsapp account:

Method 1

  • First of all, make sure that you are using the supported and official version of Whatsapp in your device. Using an unsupported version may also lead to the banned issue.
  • Open your Whatsapp in your preferred device and then go to the Settings.
  • Tap on More Options and then select Help.
  • Now tap on App Info and then check your app version.

Method 2

  • Open Whatsapp and then tap on the Support icon.
  • Type your problem into the given box and then tap on Next.
  • Select This does not answer my question and then you will get an email within 24 hours on your problem.

You can simply recover suspended Whatsapp account after following the above-given instructions and get access to your account back.

In case you are still not capable of recovering your account, then contact the support team of Whatsapp and gain the effective solutions.

How to Recover Whatsapp Account without Mobile Number?

Process of recovering the WhatsApp account without Phone number:

Today, one of the best platforms to contact your loved ones is WhatsApp. This is used all over the world and it has left everything else behind. To get access to WhatsApp, one of the basic requirements is to install the app in the device. A phone number should be registered to use this account. if the phone number of the user is not linked, then the users will not be able to use the WhatsApp.

Recover your WhatsApp without the Use of Phone number:

WhatsApp can be accessed on various devices like iPhone, Android, computer, etc. if the users do not have a mobile number with them and still want to recover the WhatsApp account without a phone number, then they can do this by the use of third party app. They can also follow the steps that we are mentioning below:

The users can also try to use the landline number to verify the account if you do not have the phone number or SIM card.

  • Open the WhatsApp messenger on your phone, tablet, etc.
  • Enter the landline number in the field.
  • You have to wait for the failure of SMS verification. After 5 minutes, you will be provided with the option of calling.
  • You will receive a call on your landline number as well verification code will also be provided.
  • You have to now enter your code of six-digit in the given field that you received via automated call.
  • You will now be able to access your WhatsApp account after the code is verified.

This is the process to recover the WhatsApp account without the use of the mobile number. If you still have any queries, then you should contact the technical support team. The executives will be provided with complete assistance for all your queries and issues.

Video Player not Working

Is your Video Player not Working? Get Simple Tips to Fix

Video Players is a kind of media player in order to playback digital video data from media such as optical discs as well as accurate formats such as MPEG, AVI, Real Video, and QuickTime. There are various video players support simple playback of digital audio and 3D playback of a 2D video that helps to stream the videos. You can also play videos online using Google Chrome that is considered the best web browser to search out the videos, images, songs, any website, and much more.


When you see any error message during starting a video player, you need to check out the various common reasons so that you could get the issue fixed instantly. Learn the cause of the error.

  • You need to check internet service is on or not on your laptop.
  • There might be a problem with VLC if you are starting a video on VLV Media Player.
  • You need to reset the internet browser when the video player is not working on Google Chrome and clear the browser.
  • Check you are using video player on update Google Chrome internet browser or not.
  • Get solution:
  • First of all, you need to open your Google Chrome and then go to the video player to start.
  • You need to go to the setting if the video player is not working fine and then clear the cookies and cache file simply.
  • You need to reset the Google Chrome settings and open your video play to work fine finally.

If still Video player not working on your laptop using Google Chrome browser, you need to try some of the best options that would help you to get the issue fixed in no time.

Video Player Not Working In Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system which runs from desktop to the cloud computing and comes in 3 editions Desktop, Core and Server, it is considered as one of the safest Operating System of the world but it is also a possibility that Videos may not play in Ubuntu Operating System. For which there is a set of rules to follow to make them work again.

How to Solve Video Player not Working in Ubuntu?

If you don’t install restricted decoders and codecs a user would not be able to play videos or download videos from YouTube. A user needs to install the codecs that allow applicants to read video support format.

  • If you are still not able to start the videos then you need to reboot or restart the video and try the information given in step one, again.
  • Install flash player in the system, as the flash player will enable the video to work even in case of Ubuntu Operating System.
  • The video player may not work with cookies enabled in Ubuntu Operating System.
  • If videos are played in the browser then it is necessary that some plug-ins should be enabled to watch the videos more accurately in the browser access by using any device.

If the problem of video player not working in Ubuntu Operating System still persists then you can get in touch with the technical support team of Ubuntu OS to get a more accurate solution of the problem from one of the experts, who will solve this problem by following the official way.

How to Fix Video Player not Working on Chrome?

Obtain Complete Solution when Video Player not Working on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers that provide you amazing ways to open your webmail account and video player instantly. If you are facing any trouble in using Video Player not working on Chrome, it is important to check out the cache and cookies file that will provide you amazing ideas and assistance to get this issue fixed at a certain point of the time.

If you really want this kind of issue fixed at the right time, it will be necessary to update Google Chrome or Abode flash player that is merged with the internet browser. In addition to this, if you have some hardware related issue, you can select the hardware acceleration plugin chrome in chrome to start the Video Player not working in Chrome soon.

Following are the ways to fix when video player is not working fine on Chrome:

  • At first, launch the Google Chrome internet browser and the go to the flash player to check the error.
  • Click on enable adobe player button and then there will be the message showing on the page.
  • You need to turn on the JavaScript and then check out the extension, plugins, cache, and cookies button.
  • If showing the same error click on the update option for the flash player and internet browser.
  • You can also fix this problem by using the reset internet browser and use the internet connection to start the video player on chrome non-stop finally.

Thus, if you really want this issue fixed at the right time, this page will provide you significant advice and help to solve this case soon.

How to fix Video Player not Working on Android?

With every passing day, users are getting introduced and used to new technologies. These advancements are such that users get dependent as they make their work easy and fun. And with the new invention of Android smartphones, which come handy and are affordable have made people crazy about it. With lots of features, the most preferred and used one is its video player. This allows users to shoot, watch, and play videos. But, if you are such a user who is finding that Video player not working in Android and do not know what to do then you can refer to the information below.

Reasons for Video Players Not Working on Android!

  • The first reason that needs to be considered is if your video is corrupted.
  • Another reason can be not updating the OS version of your Android device.
  • If you are watching a downloaded video then it might be possible that the download was not completed.

And there can be many other reasons that can cause Video player not working and you are unable to watch or shoot a video. Here is the resolution for the same.

Ways to Fix Video Players Not Working on Android!

  • The first reason that needs to be checked if your video is not corrupted. If yes then that video will not be played.
  • Update the version of OS so that it solves your problem.
  • Check if your video is fully downloaded or not.

If nothing stated above helps you then you are free to contact Android customer service any time.

How to fix Video Player not Working on MAC

How to Fix the Problem of Video Player not Working on Mac?

Are you feeling annoyed?? Because you unable to play videos on Mac, it can be a handful of situations. Sometimes the issues like cache, video streaming becomes more and more stressful for the users. So here you will find some important steps that you need to follow to fix the problem of video player not working.

1. Advised to Enable Java in The Browser

Check whether your javascript is disabled on the default browser of Chrome, firefox or safari.

How to Enable Javascript?

  • At the beginning of the process, go to the website of safari.
  • Go to the preferences in the menu bar.
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • Check the box to enable javascript.

2. Check the boxes of your extension

If your browser extension is misbehaving or blocking the videos in your player.

  • In the first step, go to the preferences.
  • Go to the extension tab.
  • Disable extension.
  • Advised to restart safari.

3. Reinstall Adobe flash player

In the first step effort, uninstall the existing flash player by moving to the application.

  • Get Into the flash player.
  • Now you have to run the uninstaller.
  • Now download the latest version of Adobe flash player.

4. Clear browser cache

  • You are advised to clear the cache of the browser since the browser is full of cache files.
  • At the beginning of the process, go to safari.
  • Go to advanced.
  • Check the develop menu in the menu bar.
  • Tap on the develop menu and pick empty caches.
  • In the last, restart safari.

Consider and adhere to the above information to resolve this issue, it is advised if you are not satisfied with the above details. You can contact directly to the customer support team of Mac for video player not working on mac.

How to fix Video Player not Working in Windows 10

Methods engaged in solving the problem of video player not working in windows 10:

Have you ever been excited to watch a video when you are home after work

Well, playing videos and facing the issues have been a common error and there can be many reasons behind that. Well, we can understand the concern and, therefore, we are here to help you rectify the problem. If the video that you are playing is freezing in between, stops or showing the black and white screen, then you can try some troubleshooting steps that can provide you with the solution to your problem.

video player not working in windows 10 is the common problem faced by the users. We have come across many who rush to the technical person to get the issue eradicated. Well, you can try some of the methods before going to the technical person.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Try using another media player:

If you have encountered the playback error, then you can try operating another media player. This should be the first step that can and should be taken by you. Maybe the video player is creating the problem and not the video. You can move to the next step if the problem is still there.

Check and update the display drivers of the system:

Missing the codec should be another reason for this issue. To get the resolution of this issue, you can take the following steps:

  • The first step to do this is to uninstall the codec packs and then reboot the system.
  • Now, the next step is to launch the window media player and then check whether the native codec is intact. Then, you have to reboot the system again.
  • The last step is to download the new codec pack for your system.

We hope now you have got the solution to your problem of video player not working. If still, you encounter the issue with your video player, then you can directly contact the technical person for your help. They will help you out with the issue. You have to search for the nearest technical person available and compare the prices and location.

Hotmail Account Recovery

How Can I Recover My Hotmail Account with Simple Steps?

When you don’t remember your Hotmail account password, you can’t access your account. And to regain access, you have to reset the password. Also, if you’re looking out for the procedure, you can go through the steps mentioned below to recover the Hotmail account.

  • First and foremost, you would be required to open the Hotmail account recovery page on your browser.
  • Then you need to click the ‘I Forgot My Password’ option.
  • In addition, you should enter the username and fill in the characters showing on the screen. Once you are done with this, click the Next option.
  • Further, you will require to recover your Hotmail account, you need to choose the alternate email address or phone number in order to receive the verification code.
  • Through this code, it can establish that you have ownership of that account and once you provide the code, you will see the password reset options.
  • After that, you can reset your Hotmail account password and after confirming the new password, save the changes.

This is how you will be able to reset your Hotmail account password. Moreover, if you see any problem with Hotmail account recovery, you can get assistance from the customer service. The team is accessible 24*7 and will provide you all the required support.

How can You Recover the Hotmail Account with the Help of Two-step Verification?

Hotmail is one of the most popular ventures of Microsoft and used as a platform for exchanging emails, handling contacts and much more. The kinds of emails being exchanged between people are mostly official and related to corporate and business talks with clients. And if you want to use a Hotmail account then register your email address with a password.

Forgetting Password of Hotmail Account

While using Hotmail we often forget its password and face issues while exchanging emails. And till you don’t recover it, you won’t be able to recover your account. Thus to do Hotmail account recovery, there are ample methods through which you can recover your account.

Using a two-step verification method to recover Hotmail account

Two step verification methods is one of the most secured methods to recover lost Hotmail account. Two step verification is uses two ways to set a new password that is using any trusted contact or identifies your password. And even if someone gets access to your password, they would still not be able to access it because of strict security information. To find out the steps to recover Hotmail account with two step verification, tap below.

Steps to recover Hotmail account with the help of two step verification method

  • To reset password of your Hotmail account, click on the security settings of the Hotmail and click on two step verification method.
  • Next tap on turn it on option since we have to recover the lost password with the help of it.
  • Now you can use your alternate email address or phone number to access your new password.
  • You will receive a code on your mail or text that you have to enter in the password box. Next set a password and re-enter the password to confirm it.

And once done, you will be able to access the new password. In case you have any doubt, you can contact the customer care team.

How to Recover Hotmail Account on iPhone?

Losing a Hotmail account password is one of the most common things that every 4 out of 10 users face on a daily basis. You may forget the password of your Hotmail account and without a correct password, you can’t access your email account. So it is quite important to recover your password as soon as possible in order to get back to your Hotmail account. There are plenty of simple account recovery options provided by Hotmail to the users and one can simply recover their password on multiple devices including the iPhone.

Steps to Recover Hotmail Account Password on iPhone

If you wish to recover your Hotmail account password on your iPhone, then you can very simply do that through the Hotmail account recovery process which is given below:

  • First of all, open a browser on your iPhone and then go to the account recovery page of Hotmail.
  • Now you need to enter the email ID and then click on Next.
  • On the very next page, you can see the multiple options of password recovery where you can choose recovery via Text.
  • After that, you will get a verification code to your recovery phone number and then you can enter the received code.
  • Click on the Continue tab after entering the code.
  • Now you will require to enter the new password for Hotmail account of your choice and then re-enter it to complete the process.

You can very simply perform Hotmail account recovery on iPhone with the help of above-given instructions. If you are facing any problem while following the account recovery process or need any other assistance, then you can contact the support team of Hotmail.

Google Drive Account Recovery

How to Recover Google Drive?

A quick guide on how to recover Google Drive account

In the past few years, technology has tremendously developed itself, leading to the development of some of the finest services, including Google. For those who are accessing Google services, might be aware of the multiple products and services offered for easy browsing and data management services.

With Google account becoming one of the basic requirements for accessing Android devices and other Google services. And for the users who are using Google drive for storing their media files and data, it becomes quite essential for them to create a Google account.

What is the Google Drive Service of Google?

Google Drive is a storage and synchronization service that allows the users to store their media and files on the remote servers. Also, the user can even use this service for sharing data and files with other users.

Further, for accessing this Google Drive services, it is required that the user has an active Google account. However, there are a few users who have issues while accessing Google Drive services because of lost access to the Google account. Luckily, one can easily recover Google drive account by trying out the simple solutions provided in this article.

Procedure to recover Google Drive account

Well, the procedure to recover the Google Drive account is simple, and one can easily fix login issues by following the detailed steps mentioned below.

  • For recovering the Google Drive account, the user is required to launch the recovery page.
  • Now, for starting with the recovery process, the user needs to provide the username of the account.
  • Then, for the verification process, the user needs to select the recovery option.
  • In this case, the user can opt for the recovery via email option.
  • Further, a code will be offered to the user for the account verification process.
  • After that, the user is required to provide that particular code and complete the verification process.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can reset the password of the Google Drive account and save the changes.

In this way, the user can perform Google drive account recovery in time and regain access to their Google Drive services without any interruption. However, if the user fails to recover their Google Drive account, they can contact Google support using an active toll-free number, live chat, or email assistance.

So, next time whenever you encounter an issue while accessing Google Drive services, they can follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Google Drive?

Have you mistakenly deleted important files or documents from your Google Drive? Then it is one of the most common things among the users that always irritates when an important file goes out. After getting this situation, you find the ways of recovering these files which is possible to recover through multiple ways. In this article, you will learn about the ways to recover Google Drive files from Google Drive in a step by step procedure.

Here are the steps to recover deleted Google Drive files:

Solution 1: Check the Trash folder

Your deleted files always go to the trash folder and you can check your trash folder to check whether the files are available or not. You can follow the below steps for that:

  • First of all, open your Google Drive using username and password.
  • Click on the Trash icon.
  • Now find the deleted files that you want to recover and then select the Restore option after finding the file.

Solution 2: Use the Undo option

You may also recover the deleted file using the Undo option in Google Drive. You can apply this option just after deleting the files or documents from your Google Drive. It can help to recover the deleted files from Google Drive in a very simple manner.

By following these above-given steps, you can easily recover Google Drive files that you have deleted mistakenly. But if you are still not able to recover your deleted Google Drive files, then you can contact the support team of Google Drive to gain the relevant solutions.

How to Recover Google Drive Photos?

Guide To Recover Deleted Google Drive Photos: Quick Steps

If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your Google Drive photos then worry not as this is one of the most common problems you have faced. If you are a G Suite account holder then recovering deleted files is easy and quick. Even if you are not a G Suite user then you can still recover your data from your Google Drive.

So, before you move ahead with your frustration of your deleted items, have a look at various methods to recover Google Drive photos.

Different Methods To Recover Google Photos From Drive

Via Using The UNDO Operation

If you have recently deleted your files from your Drive then the first thing that you must know that Google keeps your files for 30 days in the trash folder. Hence, you’ll need to recover your files from the trash folder. Here’s how.

  • Navigate to the Google Drive Trash folder and then restore the file from there.
  • At first, you’ll need to head over to the Google Drive trash folder and then select the files that you wish to restore
  • You’ll see a context menu from where you’ll see two options: Restore and Delete forever.
  • Hit the Restore option to get back your deleted files and they will be return to the file back to its original location.

Via Google Drive

  • Get access to your Google Admin Console hit “Users” icon from the Google Console.
  • Select the file that you wish to restore and select the ellipsis icon.
  • Hit the “RESTORE DATA” button from the pop-up menu and specify the required date range and select the Application as “Drive” and then hit the “Restore”.

Furthermore, contact technical support to get any further assistance on how to recover google drive.

Outlook Account Recovery

How can You Recover the Outlook Account?

Outlook is one of the prominent applications of the Microsoft which is used for exchanging mails. Hence if you want to use outlook then you can make your account, set a password to secure it and start using it for exchanging emails. Unfortunately people sometimes often end up forgetting their passwords and hence are not able to access the mail. But if you know about the methods of the Outlook account recovery then you can easily recover your lost password. Kindly follow the below given steps for recovering your lost password.

Steps to change the lost password of Outlook

  • Begin with logging in the account and tapping on recovery page of the Outlook.
  • Once done, enter the phone number, username of email or Skype and tap on next.
  • Now depending upon the medium you chose, you will get a verification code on text or a mail.
  • In case you don’t receive the security code, try any other alternative medium.
  • Moving next, as you receive the verification code, enter in the security box and press enter.
  • You can now set a new password and re-enter to confirm it and you will be done.

And that’s how you can recover your lost password. If in case you need any other information then try contacting customer support team.

How to Recover Outlook Account with Two Step Verification?

Get a Complete Guide to Recover Outlook Account with Two Step Verification

Two-step verification gives you another layer to your Outlook account security so that your data stored on your Outlook account can’t be used by anyone else. You always get a security code while signing in to your account on your phone that ensures you’re using the account. Besides, if you have forgotten the password, you can access your Outlook account password using two-step verification. In addition, if you want to know the Outlook account recovery process, you can go through the mentioned procedure.

Follow the Steps to Recover Outlook Account

  • First and foremost, you are required to open the page on your browser.
  • Then you have to fill in the username and click the Next button.
  • Since you want to recover the password, you need to click Forgot Password? option under the password field.
  • In this way, you will see the option to recover your Outlook account password, you need to choose the recovery option.
  • Next, you can select another Outlook account recovery option by choosing the 2-factor verification option.
  • Further, you will be asked to choose an option either the phone number or email address associated with your account to receive the security code.
  • You need to check for the security code as per the option you have selected to get the code, enter that code in the provided field on the screen, and click Next.
  • Once the security code is verified, you will see the option to create and confirm the password.
  • As soon as, you complete the password reset process using two-step verification, you need to click OK to finish the process.

This is how you will be able to recover Outlook account with two step verification. And while doing so, you won’t see any kind of problem. On the off chance, you see any difficulty during the process, you can get assistance from the customer service team.

How Would You Restore a Removed Outlook Account?

Have you removed your Outlook account on your PC? Now, you are willing to restore your Outlook account but don’t know the procedure. Also, wondering how to restore a removed Outlook account? Well, this post will help you thoroughly as here you would get a step by step manual to restore your account. So, go through the instructions mentioned below and recover your Outlook account without any problem. Or else, you can get assistance to restore your account from the Outlook customer service.

Steps to Restore a Removed Outlook Account

  • First and foremost, you need to open the Microsoft Outlook application on your system.
  • Then, at the top of the Windows, you will require to open the File option and select the Import and Export option.
  • Further, you need to choose the ‘Import from another program or file’ option and click the Next button.
  • In addition, you will see the ‘Personal Folder File (.pst)’ in the list of file types, choose that option and click Next.
  • After that, you should click the Browse option and go to the location of the Outlook backup data.
  • You need to find the previous version of Outlook PST file and click the Open option.
  • Thereafter, you will be required to click Next and Finish in order to restore your Outlook account.

With the completion of the given instructions, you would be able to do the Outlook account recovery process without any problem. Moreover, just in case, you see any issue with the process, you can get help from the Outlook customer service at any time.

How to Recover Outlook Account without Phone Number?

An effective way to recover outlook account without phone number

Intruders or attackers are competent enough to foray into the account information with the help of phishing tricks. Many more have reported that recovery of the Outlook account becomes more sophisticated and complex which hinders their working performance. So don’t compromise your Outlook account, make use of the latest updated solution in a simple, safe and secure way. Here you will see simple steps or ways to recover Outlook account without Phone number

Stick with the steps to recover Outlook account without Phone number

  • In the first step effort, go to the sign-in page of the outlook.
  • You will see an option to “Can’t sign-in”.
  • Tap “Next” after selecting the suitable option according to your problem.
  • Here the problem is that you are unable to sign-in on the page.
  • You will see a box asking you to give the phone number or the email address associated with the account for verification purposes.
  • If you don’t have access to any of them, you can tap on the Next to move forward.
  • Moving further, you will be asked to enter the Date of Birth and Marital status.
  • Now you will get a verification link on your registered mail id.
  • Once you complete the above process, you will receive a verification code to change the password.
  • This is how you can recover the outlook account without a phone number.

Consider and adhere to all the above information to get back to the Outlook account information. It is recommended to you all to enhance the security features of the account to prevent any misuse of the account. If required you may call directly to the customer support team of the Outlook for Outlook account recovery.