How To Connect Google Assistant To Alexa?

Connect Google Assistant to Alexa with Following Simple Procedure !

If you want to sync Google Assistant to Alexa but unsure if you can do it or not. Here, it is good to tell you that you can connect Google Assistant to Alexa using following procedure:

  • To sync Google Assistant to Alexa, go to Amazon Alexa Developer page.
  • Click on Sign In option that you can find at the top of Amazon Alexa Developer Page.
  • If you already have amazon developer account, sign into one or if you don’t have the account, then, create Amazon Developer Account.
  • In the Payments page, answer No.
  • On Developer Console Page, Click on Alexa Skills Kit.
  • Hit on Create Skill.
  • Give the name for the SkillName: Google Assistant for Alexa.
  • Select the Language for country.
  • Hit on Next.
  • Click on Custom and under the option Custom, click on Hit Create Skill.
  • On the left side, click on Invocation.
  • Provide an Invocation name, keep all the letters as Lowercase. Invocation name acts as skill activation name. Just an example, if user keeps Invocation name as Google, user needs to say “Alexa, ask Google….” so that skill can be activated. A user can choose from the popular choices which are Google Assistant, Google, Assistant.
  • Use a different invocation name, if you already installed the old Ask Google that uses same Google Invocation Name that you want to use in Alexa.
  • Hit on Save Model once you entered a name.
  • Select Intents from the left pane and then, hit on +Add Intent.
  • Click on Use an existing intent from Alexa’s built -in library.
  • Go down and hit Standard.
  • Click on the Arrow button which displays all the options. Add all the Intents by hitting on +Add Intent that you can find next to specific Intent.
  • Click on Save Model.
  • Click on Slot type that you can find beneath the Intents on left side pane.
  • Hit on Add Slot Type+

Use the above procedure to connect Google Assistant to Alexa.

How to Unlock Facebook Account Without Phone Number?

Here We go to Unlock Facebook Account without Phone Number

If you are the regular user of the Facebook email account and looking for the best customer service in order to change, set and reset and recover the password, you can simply follow the correct procedure of troubleshooting task. Thus you are willing to recover the password using Google Chrome internet browser on your device, you must have to visit the Google sign-in page simply. It is important to understand the better concept of recover the password when it not working despite entering the correct credentials. It is also said that FB account might be created with or without the use of phone number that helps to change the mobile phone number and also helps to recover the password within a second. So it is all not mandatory in order to enter the correct phone number. So if you face a problem with your unlock you can simply click on the troubleshooting task that helps to resolve the problem within a second.

Unlock Facebook Account Without Phone Number:

If you are unable to access your account using its correct email address and password you are required to go for the password recovery instantly. When you enter the correct phone number that will help you to verify your account and thereafter you can simply click on the other option that will show you correct detail of recovering password without facing any trouble instantly. It would be important to know the correct form in which you can find out the perfect advice and help to unlock facebook account within a second simply.

Here are we go to unlock FB account without phone number easily:

  • First of all, you have to launch an internet browser to visit FB sign in page and click on the sign in button.
  • Enter the correct email address and password to access and move to the next button.
  • But if you failed and showing an error then click on forgot password button.
  • Enter the correct alternate email address and then click on the verify button simply.
  • It would be important to click on the password recovery page that would unlock the phone number simply.
  • If you have decided to change the password after unlock then you can enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end of the task.

For further help and information, you are always free to get in touch with the tech support team that is available at every short span of the time.

How to Login Your Facebook Account without Phone Number? Here’s How to Do?

Being a Facebook account holder you can enjoy plenty of social media features whether it’s a status update or sharing photos and videos with your contacts. Users can very simply access their Facebook on multiple devices using their login credentials. Facebook proffer the multiple easy options for logging in to the users and phone number is one among those. Users can also use their phone number to login to their Facebook account in a very simple manner. But there are many users who lose access to their phone number which is associated with Facebook account and don’t know how to log in.

How to Login Facebook Account without Phone Number?

Do you want to login to your Facebook account using your phone number? But you don’t have any access to your phone number? Then don’t think too much about that as you can still login Facebook without phone number and use other ways to log in. If you don’t know how to login to your account without using a phone number, then you must require to know about that.

Steps to Login Facebook without Phone Number:

  • First of all, go to from your browser on a computer or phone.
  • Now you can click on Log In option.
  • Now you can enter your email address or username which is associated with your Facebook account.
  • After that, you can enter your password into the given field.
  • Now click on the Next tab and then you will be logged into your Facebook account.
  • Now you can simply add a phone number of your choice that you can simply use to log in the next time.

With the help of the above-given steps, you can log in Facebook without phone number in a very simple and instant manner. But in case you still require any kind of assistance, then reach to support team of Facebook.

How to fix “Google Maps not Working”?

Google Maps is considered as one of the widely used location-based applications used by the billions of users across the world for mapping out a location. It proffers instant and reliable navigation results with error-free features that are impossible to find in any other app. But sometimes users also confront several technical issues when using it on different kind of devices and one issue which I highly faced by the users is Google Maps not working that caused due to multiple reasons.

Follow the below steps to fix Google Maps not working:

Method #1: Check your Internet Connection:

Having proper internet connectivity is must required to access Google Maps on your devices. To ensure that you have an active internet connection to use Google Maps.

Method #2: Update the Google Maps App

An older app version also confronts several of problems and not working may be one among those. In such conditions, you can update the Google Maps app on your preferred device and fix this problem in a very simple manner.

Method #3: Clear the Caches and Data:

You can also clear the caches and data on Google Maps app in your device that can also be a very reliable and effective way to resolve the not working problem of Google Maps on your device.

Method #4: Restart Your Device:

Restart your device often fixes multiple problems that you face with varied apps including the Google Maps. After restarting your device, you may also resolve varied issues related to Google Maps.

These above-stated instructions steps can help to fix Google Maps not working problem in a very simple manner and if you are still not capable of this problem, then you can directly contact with the customer service team and fix the varied not working issues of Google Maps in a very effective way.

Google Map Not Working in Chrome

Fixes for the issue of Google map not working in chrome

Google Maps is a widely used service of Google that helps the users to find their way for reaching new locations. The features and services of Google maps get updated when the app is updated.

Google Maps is compatible with all the devices and browsers. Although it works effectively, many users complain about the issue that Google chrome is not working in chrome browser. To resolve this, users can try out below mentioned fixes:

  • The user can try signing out of the Google and sign-in after a few seconds to resolve the issue.
  • By using incognito mode for accessing Google maps, might resolve the issue of maps not working on chrome.
  • The cookies and cache of chrome browser might be responsible for the issue. In this case, user needs to clear cache and cookies of the browser.
  • The issue might get resolved by disabling the browser extensions of Google chrome.
  • Further, by resetting Google Chrome to default settings might resolve the issue.
  • If none of these fixes work, user can try out different browser to check whether the browser is faulty or Google maps.

By trying out these steps, the issue of Google map not working in chrome will be resolved.

Google Maps Not Working on Android Phone

Google Maps is the application developed and managed by Google. The application is meant to show the directions to the users who do not know about the location. This application has made its own place and has helped millions of people from different parts of the world.

But not everything in this world is butter and bread and people may face issues while working with any invention made by man. Similarly, if you are facing issues with Google maps and find that Google maps not working on Android phone then you have landed at the right place. To fix the issue, the user might need to try below-mentioned tips and tricks.

Troubleshooting Ways For Google Maps on Your Android Phone

There might be many leading factors that may result in your Google maps to not work properly. And to fix your issue you might follow the tips below.

  • First and foremost check whether you have a proper internet connection. And in case you find an improper connection then you may contact your operator.
  • Another way to fix the issue is to reboot the phone and check whether maps work after the phone is ready.
  • Also, download the latest version of Google map application. Using the older version might also lead to Google map not working.
  • Also, the accumulated caches and data on the phone might be responsible for maps to not respond. And deleting these might lead to solving your issue.
  • Reset your Android device to factory reset. This makes the phone totally new in the functioning and you may now check for the issue resolved or not.

For any further assistance, the user may contact Google support at any time.

Check out the fixes for Google maps not working in iPhone X.

In today’s internet world, Google maps is among the basic requirement of everybody. It is commonly used when a user is navigating from one place to another. It is an application which provides web mapping and satellite images of streets, places, etc. It shows real-time traffic conditions to the travelers.

As it is used by almost everyone, so if in case it stops working, it will be very difficult to navigate. If the user has just purchased iPhone X and the Google maps app is not working, then no need to get worried just simply follow the below mentioned fixes:

  • In the case of Goggle maps not working, can try restarting the device. If it is not restarting, the force restart should be done iPhone.
  • The user needs to ensure that Wi-Fi or cellular data of iPhone device should be enabled.
  • Another fix that can be tried is by refreshing the location services on iPhone X.
  • The Google maps on iPhone should be restarted in order to check whether it is working or not.
  • A user should reset the Network Settings and Location & Privacy in iPhone X in case the Google maps is not working.
  • If nothing works for this issue, the user is required to restore the iPhone. It is carried out by connecting the iPhone X to the computer and run iTunes in it. In the device, Summary is selected and Restore iPhone is clicked. By clicking on Restore, all data will get erased.

In case any issue still persists or some other query is there, the Google technical executives can be contacted. The contact info available on Google website can be used to reach them.

Google Search Bar not Working

How to Fix “Google Search Bar not Working”?

Is Google the main search engine that you used to access the internet on multiple devices? Then you will get an amazing browsing and other security features when you use it. but sometimes many situations come when it stops working that make irritates you and then you look for the solutions to resolve the Google search bar not working issue. There can be lots of reasons behind this problem and you can easily fix them in a very simple manner.

Follow the below steps to fix Google search bar is not working:

Check your internet connection

Make sure that you are working on an active internet connection because sometimes bad internet connectivity also occur multiple problems and you can fix this problem by checking your internet connectivity.

Restart your device

Restarting a device often resolve multiple problems and if you are confronting Google not working problem, then you can once restart your computer or phone and then try to use Google search bar.

Update Google App

If you are trying to search for anything on Google App, then make sure that you are using the latest app version because an older app version also caused this problem.

After applying the above-described steps, Google search bar not working problem can very easily fix and if you are still facing this issue, then you can contact with the customer service team and get the instant solutions to fix it.

How To Fix Google Search Not Working in Chrome?

Google search error in Chrome

Google chrome is a web browser founded and launched by Google 10 years ago. With the help of Chrome you can access various websites and do internet surfing.

Sometimes at the time of doing any Google search in Chrome users may face the issue of Google search not working in Chrome. To resolve this problem you can follow the steps given below:

  • Open Chrome browser in your system
  • Go to the chrome settings that you can find in the upper right corner of the chrome home page
  • Select settings and find advanced settings available in the bottom
  • Find and select clear browsing data
  • Click advanced and a number of options will open
  • Only  four of them are tick marked as listed below:
  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and file
  • Do not tick mark other options available unless you want to delete them
  • Default time is set as 1 hour, you can change the time if you are facing the Google search not working issue more than 1 hour set the time accordingly
  • Select clear data

Hopefully your Google chrome search engine not working issue will be resolved by going through these steps.

Know How To Fix Google Search Bar Not working On Android?

Sometimes, situations may arise in Android phones that their Google Search bar not working. The issue is more likely to arise due to software glitches. Individuals confronting such problems need not worry as it can be fixed by simple troubleshooting steps.

To help out the users facing issues like Google search bar not working on Android, here is the complete package of information.

Steps to fix Google search bar not working:

  • Enable the Google search on your device: If the Google search app is disabled in your device then it does not respond on Android. To fix the issue, it is needed to enable the Google search on the Android device. In order to enable the Google search, launch the Settings on your device and go to Application Manager. From there, select ALL option and then search the Google app. If it is marked as Disabled then tap on it to enable the Google search. After this, Google search will start working properly.
  • Clear the data and cache: Clearing cache and browsing data resolve various problems. It is recommended to clear the cache and junk folders from your Android device.
  • Reboot your device: When data packets get stuck, Google search start creating an issue. So to fix out the issue, individuals can close all the running apps and reboot their device. After rebooting, a number of problems are resolved on an Android device.
  • Check for the larger issue and then resolve it accordingly. Also, one can force stop the app and then move back to the general state. Doing so restarts the app and can fix Google search related issues.

Hence, with these convenient troubleshooting steps, one can easily get rid of of Google search related problems.