Gmail not Working in Mozilla Firefox

How to Fix Gmail not Working in Mozilla Firefox Issue?

Mozilla Firefox is basically a very popular open source browser which is used by millions of users around the globe to access various online services. Besides, being a credible service, there are users who some difficulty while using Mozilla Firefox and the most issue include Gmail not working in Mozilla Firefox. But, thankfully one can easily fix this issue by using the simple solutions provided in this article.

Ways to Fix Gmail not working Issue

Well, fixing Gmail not working issue in Mozilla Firefox is really. You are just required to use these simple solutions in order to get desired results. However, if the problem persists then, you can reach out the support team for assistance.

1. Clear Cache and Cookies

  • For this procedure, you need to launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and enter about:preferences in the URL tab.
  • After that, you need to click on Enter to view the settings page.
  • Then, select privacy and settings option.
  • Further, scroll down and find the cookies and setting option.
  • Thereafter, select clear all data option in order to remove the cookies.

2.Launch Mozilla Firefox in safe mode

  • For this process, you again need to launch the browser and navigate to the menu option.
  • Further, click on that particular option and select options.
  • After that, select the General option.
  • Then, a new window will appear where you need to uncheck the hardware acceleration.
  • Thereafter, close the Mozilla Firefox browser completely and restart it.

And if you are still unable to fix Gmail not working issue, then you can simply reach out to the support center and get the desired assistance for solving this issue.

Google Customer Service Live Person Phone Number

How to Talk to a Live Person in Google Customer Service?

Google is a multinational technology firm that is known to render a number of reliable services and products. But despite various protective strategies, users may come to face issues with Google products and service. In order to deal with the queries of users, Google introduces an easy procedure to talk to a live person in Google Customer service. It presents the users with Google customer service live person phone number where one can speak to a representative about any issue related to the service.

Get the procedure to talk to a Live Person:

  • Firstly, the users need to dial the phone number and select among the options.
  • The user needs to press 1 if he/she wants any assistance related to apps, music, and downloads.
  • Press 2 in case of contacting the technical support and press 3 for checking the recent orders.
  • Press 4 to deal with any questions regarding buying and for more options, press 5

If the above-mentioned steps are not sufficient to state your query and you need to press 5 then the next list of the menu will appear, asking the further pieces of information. Here is the list of the menu that will appear after pressing 5:

  • The user will be asked to press 1 for Nest support.
  • In case of persisting any issue with Gmail or related service, the user will be asked to press 2.
  • The user needs to press 3, in order to visit back the main menu.
  • If you are not sure then the automated system will ask you to press 4.
  • After following the given sequence of the procedure, you will get connected to a live person where you can discuss the issue and can be resolved without a hassle.

Apart from these services, Google also provides a number of alternative options to talk to a customer service representative.

  • Regarding the Google Adwords services, it presents a support number in the United States in order to eliminate the hassles of the users.
  • Also, the customer can opt the Google customer service phone number live person option to easily reach a person and fix the queries.

If the problem is still persisting then users can avail the email chat service from any remote location to over the retaining issue. Over the mail, one can get an instant reply by the expert executives who are competent to help the customers.

In this way, one can easily talk to a live person or can reach a representative in order to resolve the query in a no wait time.

How to Talk Google Customer Service Live Person in Us?

Obtain instant help on how to talk Google Customer Service Live Person in USA

Google is widely prominent as an American multinational technology company across the world. This company is specialized in Internet-related services and products include in online mode with great advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google service offers an excellent search engine and other products across the internet fields. If you are the user of Google service that you have installed on your device, you can simply achieve the other products such as Google Chrome, Google transportation, Google docs, YouTube and much more. So when you face any error and failed to get the issue fixed, you must contact Google Customer Service Live Person in the USA which is available at every single of the time instantly.

How to Talk Google Customer Service Live Person in USA?

It is a live person that helps you to get the issue fixed at the right time for that, you have to get in touch with them using any kind of resources that you are using. At the present time, due to coronavirus disease, most of the users are required amazing products and services of Google service.

Following are the ways to talk to a live person on Google customer service in USA:

  • At first, launch an internet browser and then go to Google support and select the live person.
  • You can enter your first and last name and enter the mobile phone number and press the submit button.
  • You can select the chat box after scrolling down and select a contact button showing at the bottom.
  • Now you can select products to start the conversation from a live person by pressing 5 buttons of your phone.
  • You can disconnect the conversation after ending conversation from the live person at the end of the task.

Thus, if you are the local of an American person or any other country if you are looking for any type of technical issue with Google account or its internet service, you are required to get in touch with a Google Customer Service Live Person to resolve various problems presently.

How To Contact Google Customer Service Directly?

Google services are hugely used by billion of people all around the world. Various services like YouTube, Google search, Android, G-Suite, Google ads, and much more are the infamous Google services that are used at a giant scale on the daily basis. Now, the problem is that users often face difficulty while using Google services even though they are completely simple and user friendly. However, if you are a G-Suite account holder then contacting Google becomes pretty easy. The giant tech company provides direct methods to help users in getting touch with itself. Hence, this article will guide you with the steps via which you can contact Google in few minutes.

How G-Suite Account Holders Can Contact Google?

G-Suite account holders can follow the steps mentioned below to contact Google via text, call & email.

  • Go to the G-Suite admin console sign in page
  • Enter your Gmail address and its password
  • Click on the sign in button
  • Now, scroll to the settings button that will appear as a gear icon and click on it.
  • Now, click on the “Manage This Domain” option and then click on support
  • In the next section, you will see three options to contact Google – Phone support, Email support, and Chat support.
  • If you want to get in touch with Google customer service representative via call then click on the telephone icon.
  • Now, click on the “Get Pin” option and then Google will call try to contact you via call.
  • Once, you have received the call; go through the on-call prompts to connect with the concerned official.

Contact Google Customer Service Via Its Phone Number: Non G-Suite Members.

If you do not hold a G-Suite account then you can still contact Google customer services. You will need to dial on the Google customer service number to get in touch with the official Google representative and get assistance with your issues or queries. The official representative will definitely help you with all the G-Suite and non-G Suite issues such as Gmail, Android, Google Ads, etc. Therefore, this was all the information about contacting Google directly via call, text and email.

Hotmail Account Recovery Number

How to Recover Hotmail Account ?

Steps to Recover Hotmail Account

Hotmail is the email service offered by Microsoft. It can be used in the same manner other email services are used that are available online. It is well-known as it is the first webmail service introduced on the internet.

The users find it efficient to use the Microsoft product as it has a large storage space and is free of charge. The users need a Hotmail email address and password for accessing the email account. The user can dial the Hotmail account recovery number for any help. If the correct details are there, the user can simply login to the Hotmail account but if in case the password is lost/forgotten, the access will be denied. The recovery process is as follows:

  • The user needs to visit the Hotmail account by launching the web browser.
  • Then, the link saying password reset page needs to be clicked.
  • When the user hits the Next button, the page will come up asking the user to enter the alternate email ID that was saved at the time creating the account.
  • Once the email address is entered, it will take the user to another page for accessing the alternate email ID.
  • In the inbox of that email, there are step by step reset instructions for recovering the account.
  • The user is required to follow the instructions and recover the password.
  • A page will appear asking the user to create a new password for the account for the easy access in the future.
  • The password is created by entering it in the fields of create new password and re-enter the password.
  • Finally, the user will enter the new password to Sign-in to the account.

To have more info about the password reset or other queries regarding the Hotmail account, the user can contact the technical support. The technical executives in the support will provide all the required assistance. The info for reaching the technical support can be found on the official webpage of Hotmail.

How to Recover Hotmail Account without Security Question?

Looking for the help on how to recover Hotmail account without security question:

Forgetting a password has become so pretty ordinary among the common people. If you are one of them and need proper assistance to fix this error, you are required to recover the password of Hotmail account simply without security question. In order to recover the password, you must have to proper verification resources that will provide you immediate help within a second instantly.

Hotmail account recovery without security question:

It is necessary to have mobile phone number, recovery email address, security questions and much more. If you are really looking for the assistance to recover Hotmail account without security question, you must follow the below instructions that will make you eligible to complete the task of recovery password within a short time.

  • At first, visit Hotmail account sign-in page and strive to enter the regular used email address and password into the field.
  • Now you have to enter press sign-in button to access but if you failed to do so, click on forgot password button.
  • Later on, you must enter the mobile phone number and press the next button.
  • But if you are unable to see the result then you can try with an alternate email address to verify.
  • If you still did not get anything selects the security question to give a valid answer and move to the next.
  • Having entered the valid answer of security question, you will receive a password recovery link allows entering the new password.
  • You can feel free to enter the new password into both new and confirm password field finally.

For additional help, you can contact tech support team instantly.

How to Recover Hotmail Account without Alternate Email?

Recover Your Hotmail Account Without Alternative Email

Hotmail is a web-based service provider that lets the users access to Webmail, contacts, and calendaring services from webmail. If you have lost access to your Hotmail account then without giving much stretch, you can recover it using the recovery information. In case of not having access to the recovery email, Hotmail password can still be retrieved easily.

You can go through the enlisted procedure for Hotmail account recover without alternate email.

Steps to recover the Hotmail account password:

  • Visit the login page of Hotmail email account and there, click the option of “I forgot my password”.
  • After tapping the button click on the Next button and then move to the account recovery page.
  • Select the option of Account Recovery following by selecting the mode of recovery.
  • You can pick the option to recovery using the recovery phone number.
  • Select the option to send the recovery key on your recovery phone number. After receiving the key, enter it in the given field of recovery page and then click on the Next button.
  • Verify your Hotmail account.
  • After prompting on the new page, you can set a new password in the given field.
  • Enter the password and confirm it.
  • Further, save all the setting done in your Hotmail account.

The new password will be updated to a Hotmail email account.

In case of any obstacle during the process, feel free to contact Hotmail customer support team.

How to Recover a Hotmail Account without the Recovery Phone Number?

It is unfortunate if you have forgotten your Hotmail account password or the password has been changed by some unknown user and you don’t have the access to your recovery phone number. Don’t worry! Our today’s write-up will teach you the process of recovering your lost Hotmail account without using the phone number. Here you can find the steps of retrieving Hotmail password by answering the security questions. Check out the required steps here.

What are the Steps of Recovering Hotmail Password by Security Question

  • Open your web browser.
  • Type in its browsing bar.
  • It will open the Sign In window.
  • Move downwards and click on Can’t access your account? link.
  • Then the window, Why are you having trouble signing in, will open.
  • Now you need to select the I forgot my password.
  • Click on Next.
  • Go to the Microsoft account field and type your Hotmail email address.
  • A set of Captcha characters will open; click on Next.
  • Select your verification option then.
  • Click on the I don’t use these anymore option.
  • You will now get the chance to recover your password with the secret question.
  • Retrieve the password by answering your account security question.
  • Your account will be recovered if you have been able to answer the questions accurately.

Dial Hotmail Account Recovery Number to Get More Assistance

Hotmail account recovery number will help you in getting in touch with the account security officials. The account security officials of Microsoft are trained enough to help you with the guarantee of maximum satisfaction. They are globally appreciated for their domain knowledge and utmost professionalism. Get in touch with these professionals and get access to your account back!

How to Recover Hotmail Account with Two Step Verification?

Two step verification of any application or social media platform refers to using double sources for security. Two step verification enhances security of any id and in case anybody else logs in your password, he would still won’t be able to get back your security code. Two step verification code uses two sources of identity. One is password while other is contact or security code.

Every time you will sign in your hotmail account with two step verification on, you will get a notification on your text or email. Hotmail account recovery through two step verification can be done by following steps:

  • When we forget any password, we can access it back by two means (recovery mail and phone numbers) as long as we have two step verification on.
  • Depending upon what security option you added to your account, you will require to add a security code from your authentication app and a code mailed to your backup email account.
  • Click recover your account option and type email or password that needs reset.
  • Click on any of the option like phone or mail to receive security code and click send code.
  • Check your mail or phone for the code and enter it into verify your code option and click next.
  • Reset your new password by entering it into new password and confirm it by re entering.
  • And your account is recovered.

The only reason why we use two step verification code is because it gives double protection to your accounts and passwords. In any case you log in through a different device it will ask you if it’s you only or not.

iPhone Account Recovery Number

How to Recover iPhone Account?

Know About the Steps to Recover iPhone

iPhone is the smartphone designed by Apple and has the iOS operating system software. It has all the features that other smartphones have. There are number of versions of iPhone that are introduced till date.

An iPhone has all the latest features in that. If a user is facing any issue with the phone, the simple steps of restoring the iPhone content can be used. After trying the restore steps, if still the issue persists, the user can try the recovery steps in iPhone. The user has another option also for account recovery and that is dialing the iPhone account recovery number where the assistance regarding the issues will be provided. The recovery process in iPhone is as follows:

  • The user is required to turn off the iPhone 7. For this, the user needs to press and hold the On/Off button for few seconds.
  • The message on the iPhone screen saying Slide to power off needs to be swiped.
  • After that, the volume down button is pressed and held on the iPhone7.
  • Then, the phone is required to be plugged into the Mac or windows PC and the user needs to ensure that iTunes is running on the PC.
  • When there is a message displayed on the mobile screen saying Connect to iTunes, the user is required to release the volume up button which was held.
  • In case of iPhone 8 or the latest versions of iPhone, the recovery is done as follows:
  • Firstly the user needs to ensure that the iTunes should be closed on the Mac.
  • The USB is plugged to lighting cable in the user’s computer.
  • After that, the user needs to plug the USB to lighting cable in the iPhone.
  • Then, the iTunes is opened on the Mac device.
  • Finally the user is required to press and release the button of Volume up and then the Volume down button. Then, the side button is pressed and held by the user till the Connect to iTunes screen comes up.

For any assistance or help, the technical support can be contacted and to reach them, the contact details can be found on the official webpage of Apple.

How To Recover iPhone Password Without iTunes?

Forgetting your iPhone password sometimes becomes an issue. If you want to recover your iPhone password but do not have access to iTunes then need not to worry about. You can easily recover your password using Find My Device tool provided on your iPhone.

Steps to Recover iPhone password:

Here are the simple steps with which you can easily recover iPhone password in case you have no access to iTunes:

  • Go to link to reset your password.
  • Log in with your Apple ID.
  • Click on Find My iPhone option. It will display a list of options related to your device settings.
  • Tap on All Devices option that is given at the top of the list.
  • From there, you need to select your phone from the list of all linked devices.
  • You can erase your phone along with your forgotten password.
  • Use the Setup Assistant tool on your iPhone to restore the most recent backup of your iPhone.
  • Now, you can reset a new password for your iPhone.
  • Now! Enter a strong password in the provided field and confirm the password.
  • Save the settings and access your iPhone with your new password.

In this way, you can recover your iPhone password without iTunes.

In case of any trouble during the password, you can dial the iPhone account recovery number to avail assistance over the phone. You can ask for help or can get a complete guide to recover your password by getting in contact with the customer executives over the phone only. After opting the above-mentioned steps, if still, you are not able to recover your password then you can reach the Apple customer support for instant support.

How to Recover iPhone Passcode with iCloud?

Know about the iPhone passcode recovery using iCloud

Apple users generally face an issue of lost or forgotten passcode for the iPhone. It is easy to recover the passcode with iCloud as it has all the content and data of iPhone.

If the iPhone user has previously created a backup of data using iCloud, then simple steps can be used for recovering the passcode. If iCloud has all the data backed up, it can be recovered even if the device is restored. The steps involved in recovering the passcode are mentioned below:

  • The user is required to Sign-in to the iCloud account using Apple ID and then the option of Find My iPhone is tapped.
  • Then All Devices option is clicked and then the iPhone is selected from the list which neds to be erased.
  • In the info window, user needs to click Erase iPhone option.
  • Further the Apple ID password is entered. For the latest iPhone versions, user is asked to enter phone number and message.
  • Finally, user can restore the device data and information using the option of iCloud backup.

For more help related to iPhone account recovery, technical support of Apple can be contacted. The contact details are there on the official website of Apple.

Google Assistant Support Number

What Is Google Assistant?

Google is present in every sphere of the market is known to have given the rise in competition. Google and its services and products are so made that they being present in the market provide tough competition to other services. One such product introduced by Google is Google Assistant.

The good news is that Google Assistant is the service that is a virtual assistant in any Android smartphones and smart home devices. This is the Google’s voice-controlled smart system that works just like Siri, Alexa or Cortana.

How to Get Google Assistant via Support Number?

To know how to get this smart voice functioning system, you can refer the points below.

  • For all the Android users, Google assistant can be made available by downloading the application from the Google Application store.
  • All the iPhone users can download the application from its apple store.

Therefore, downloading this interesting service might make you excited to use. You can refer the steps below to know how to use it.

How does Google Assistant Works via Support Number?

Designed, developed, and marketed by tech leader Google, Google assistant is a virtual assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence and enables the users for two-way conversations. It allows the users to add their inputs by natural voice or by typing on the keyboard. This Google product is ideal for adjusting hardware settings on the user’s device, searching the internet, scheduling events and alarms, and present information from the user’s Google account. Here is how it works.

How do I Activate Google Assistant with Tech Support Number?

  • Hold the HOME icon on your smartphone.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds.
  • You will be asked to speak what you want.
  • It will then begin the search process.
  • You can also launch Google assistant by saying OK GOOGLE.
  • Your instruction will not work on your phone screen is locked.

How to Set up Google Assistant with Tech Support Number?

Google Assistant was introduced during Google’s developer conference in 2016. Ideal to power two-way conversations, this AI-based voice assistant was designed to work with Google Home, Wear OS by Google, Chrome OS, Android TV, Headphones, Smart Speakers, Google Allo, Smart Displays, Android devices, and iOS devices. You can download this assistant if you are using an Apple device with iOS 9.1 or higher. Go through this page or get in touch with the officials of Google assistant support if you want to know the steps of configuring Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad.

  • Open iOS App Store.
  • Download and install the Google Assistant program.
  • Launch it and make your Google account sign in .
  • The program will now ask you to allow it in accessing a set of data.
  • We recommend you going ahead.
  • Click YES I’M IN.
  • You will be now asked whether you would love to receive Google notifications.
  • You can turn it ON or OFF.
  • Go to the bottom section and hit the Microphone icon.
  • If prompted, enable Google Assistant to access the mic of your device.
  • Click OK to finish the configuration process.

How do I Enable Google Assistant via Customer Support Number?

Troubleshooting steps to enable Google Assistant!
Google assistant is an app that lets you use your voice to search a topic on the internet or you can use it offline to make calls or to set an alarm. But if you are facing any issue in using the Google Assistant app, you can go through following and enable the Google Assistant app accordingly:
Ensure Google Play Services on the device that you need to enable Google Play Services on are updated to 10.2.98 or later. If google play services have not been updated, then, you got to wait until device updates automatically.
Change language of the device to the language from the list that you wish to use Google assistant into with following setting procedure:
1. Go to Device Settings.
2. Click on Language & Input.
3. Change it to the language that you want to use Google assistant into.
4. Ensure Google app has been updated to latest version. If it has not been, then, go through following procedure:
> Go to Google play store.
> Update Google app.
5. Clear cache from Google app. This clears all the previous settings on the Google app. Ensure Google app language has been set to the language that you wish to use Google assistant into.
6. You are required to tap and hold the Home button of the device and a message pops up from the bottom.
However, you can contact the expert on Google assistant support phone number if above procedure does not suffice your requirement.
The executives are adept, professional and provide end to end support to its customers. You can contact the customer care anytime as the helpline number is open round the clock. Benefit of contacting the customer care is that you get quick solution as there is no registration and no sign up issue. Besides making queries about enabling google assistant, you can ask the customer service regarding any other issue concerned with Google Assistant.

How to Recover Google Play Account?

Google Play, developed and marketed by Google in 2012, is a digital distribution service that is used as the app store and digital media store by the Android users. Having over 80 billion app downloads; this magical app offers books, movies, music, and television programs. Android users sometimes recover their accounts initiated by their account login issues. Google enables the Google Play users to recover their accounts without any hassles.

How to Recover Google Play Account?

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the SIGN IN page
  • Click on I don’t know my password.
  • Enter the email address you use to sign in your Google account.
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Enter the last password you remember.
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Click on I DON’T KNOW if you don’t remember the previous password.
  • Now you need to define the way to recover the Google Play account.
  • You can get the verification code by SMS or by phone; or by email.
  • Enter the received code if you have selected the text message option.
  • Click on the recovery link if you have chosen the email recovery option.

How to get technical assistance from the Google experts?

You have learned the most followed method of Google Play account recovery. However, it is not the easiest way to get back the lost account. The easiest way, as per millions of users, is to contact the help desk engineers recruited by Google. Google has recruited highly experienced tech support professionals who have in-depth knowledge about the account security-related issues.

How to Recover Google Play Account on Android Phone?

Downloading the best applications on Android devices has become a simple task after the introduction of Google Play service which works as a digital distribution service where users can browse multiple applications, movies, books, and more. In simple words, Google Play serves as a media store for Android users that offers them with multiple media to browse through.

Ways to Recover Google Play account

Lately, many users reported unable to access Google Play services issues. Fortunately, the user can fix this issue in time by performing Google Play account recovery by following some easy steps. But, before heading on with steps, let’s know a bit about the recovery modes offered by Google.

For recovering Google Play account, the user can opt for either of the options that include:

  • Using recovery phone number
  • Using recovery email
  • Using account verification questions

Recovering Google Play Account on Android

The procedure to recover a Google Play account is very simple, but a lot of users inquired on how they can recover Google Play account on Android phone. So, to help users, here are the quick recovery steps that one can follow.

  • For recovering a Google Play account, the user initially needs to visit the recovery page for Google services on an Android device.
  • Then, provide the username for the particular Google Play account and proceed.
  • After that, request for Google Play account identification code on the registered mode like phone number.
  • Further, verify the Google Play account by providing the code and proceed with the process.
  • And now create a new password for the Google Play account and click on the Save button.

Alternatively, the user can even request an account verification code using email and complete the Google Play account recovery on their Android device.Thus, with the end of this process, the user can restore access to the Google Play account and enjoy uninterrupted services.

Contacting Google Support for Assistance

In case, if the user fails to recover their Google Play account by using either of the options, they can seek help from the support representatives of Google and restore access to their account in time.

How to Recover Suspended Google Play Account?

Learn the procedure for recovery of a suspended Google Play account

Do you have a Google play account that is suspended recently due to unknown reasons? Well, a user’s Google Play account may get suspended when the person violates one or more than one provision defined by them. If you are a registered Google member account holder, you have to ensure always to follow the terms & policies described by them. Whenever a Google Play account is suspected of some misconduct, the authorities suspend it up to a certain period. As a Google Play account helps in keeping all the apps in a device updated, hence if it gets suspended the user faces genuine trouble. However, you can get back the Google Play services after recovering your suspended account. The procedure you need to follow for a suspended Google play account recovery is as below.

  • Go to the Google Play account web page and tap on I forgot my Password link
  • Then type your email ID that you use for login into your Google account
  • Hit next button and provide any last account login password you may remember
  • If not then click on the “I don’t know the password” tab
  • Next, you will receive a code from Google in your registered number via text message for verification
  • Then after submitting the verification code, you will moved to a new page for password reset
  • Now you must type a new password and re-type again on the confirmation box
  • At last, save this new password to access your suspended Google Play account once again

Hence, the process for recover suspended Google play account without trouble is as described above. Besides, you can also receive professional guidance from a Google representative by contacting their customer care department. Google representative will also the additional help if somehow you are unable to recover your suspended Google play account.