Facebook Account Password Recovery without Phone Number, Email id and Security Question

How to Recover Facebook Account Password without Phone Number?

The “forgotten password” is a common issue faced by Facebook users. Facebook provides an easy approach to recover and reset the password of their account without any hassle. If you are seeking for the procedure to recover Facebook password without phone number then you can read along to get a genuine result of your search.

Steps to Recover your Facebook Account Password without Phone Number:

  • First of all, visit the Facebook login page.
  • In the given field, type your username.
  • There, you will get the option of RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT. Click on it.
  • Switch to the site Report Compromised Account by opening a new tab of the browser.
  • There, it will display an option of “ my account is compromised”. Click on the same.
  • Enter your email address, full name and username that is linked with your account and tap the SEARCH button.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter the old password that you remember in the given field.
  • Click on CONTINUE button.
  • Select your desired option to recover your facebook account. Opting the method of recovery via mail is supposed to be the most convenient option.
  • After selecting the recovery method, proceed with the process.
  • Facebook will send you a recovery code to your email address.
  • Type that recovery code in the required field and click to proceed.
  • Doing so will give you the option to reset a new password to your Facebook account.
  • Type your new password and retype the same password in the required fields.
  • Save the changes made to your Facebook account in order to update the settings.

After following the steps, you will get access to your Facebook account.

How to Recover Facebook Account Password without Email and Security Question?

Informative steps to know how to recover the password of facebook account without email and security question

Stay connected with friends and other members by signing in to the Facebook account:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by people all over the world. Facebook help people to stay connected with each other. The users may share posts, pictures, comments with the help of this platform. There are at least 2.5 billion monthly users in the world. At times, the users may forget the password of their Facebook account. Then the users should not get worried. In order to recover the password of Facebook account, the users may contact the technical experts of the technical support team for availing instant assistance. The task is simple if the steps for doing the same are implemented in a procedural manner.

Follow these simple steps to know how can the users recover the password of Facebook account:

The user needs to follow the steps listed below in order to know how can they recover facebook password without email in a fast and quick manner.

Method 1 : Identifying the Facebook Account

Facebook will ask the users to confirm that the account belongs to them so that they can recover the password.

  • The user needs to navigate to this URL Find Your Account in their browser.
  • The user may ask any of their Facebook friends to look at About section of the profile and then send the mobile phone number listed in the Contact Information section.
  • Then in the Find account page, the user needs to enter the phone number that the user uses.
  • A verification code will be send on the specified phone number using which the users will be able to recover their Facebook account.
  • The user may add a username.

By following the steps listed above, the users will be able to recover their facebook account.

Method 2 : Recovering Account Through Friends:

The users may recover Facebook account password without security questions with the help of the friends. In case, the user is locked out of the Facebook account, then the user needs to follow the set of instructions listed below in order to recover their Facebook account.

  • The user needs to navigate to the Facebook login page and then click on the forgot password option.
  • If prompted, the user needs to find the account by entering the email, username phone, or full name and then click on the Search option.
  • Facebook will then provide the users with a list of phone numbers in order to confirm that the account belongs to the user.
  • In case, if the user does not have any of these emails, then the users may click on the option stating No longer have access to these.
  • In the next step , the user needs to enter a new phone number which the user can access to and then the user needs to click on the continue option.
  • In this step, the user may use the trusted contacts.
  • The user may click on the Reveal My Trusted Contacts option and then type the full name of one of the trusted contacts.
  • After doing this, Facebook will provide a URL and set of instructions that the user needs to send to the trusted contacts.
  • The URL contains a recovery code that can be accessed by some of the trusted contacts whose name has been mentioned.
  • The user may provide the URL to their friends and then call their friends and give them the URL so that the trusted friends may open the link and give the security code to the user.
  • After sending and receiving the recovery codes, the user may use these recovery codes from the trusted contacts in order to access their facebook account.

The user may contact the technical experts if they face some issues.

How to Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number?

Has someone hacked your Facebook account or you have forgotten your password? In both situations, you will be required to recover your Facebook account password. There are multiple alternates provided by the Facebook where you can smoothly recover your password and recover via phone number is one of the recommended ways provided by Facebook to the users. But if you have recently created a new Facebook account and don’t know about the password recovery way, then read the mentioned information.

Steps to Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number:

  • Go to the https://www.facebook.com/ from your phone or computer and then enter your email ID or phone number into the given field.
  • Click on Forgot password and then click on Next.
  • After that, choose a method to reset your Facebook password and then select the phone number option for password recovery.
  • A verification code will send to your phone number and then enter the received code into the given box.
  • Enter a new password for your Facebook account to complete the procedure of password recovery.

With these mentioned steps, Facebook account password recovery process, you can smoothly recover your Facebook account password with a phone number. If you have any kind of doubt or troubling during the password recovery, then contact with customer service team for instant and reliable support.

Aol Password Recovery Without Phone Number, Email and Security Question

How to Recover Aol Password Without Phone Number?

AOL means “American Online”, it is considered as an early internet pioneer that offers several internet services. AOL is web portal and free internet service provider.

AOL email is a free web email service provided by American Online.It has many advantages-

  • POP3,SMTP,IMAP are its supported protocols.
  • You can link to other email accounts from other service provider like gmail.
  • It’s email attachment limit is up to 25MB.
  • Ads can automatically disabled while working.
  • Gives you spam protection and virus protection.
  • Spell checking tool.
  • AOL is available in 54 languages.
  • AOL can maintains multiple online business.

Steps to Recover AOL Password without Phone Number

You need to follow these steps listed below to know AOL password reset without phone number-

  • First you need to sign in to your account security page.
  • Then go to the “Change Password” tab.
  • Enter the new password you would like to use.
  • Confirm your new password.
  • Click ‘continue”.
  • Then click “OK”.

To keep your account safe you should choose a strong password. You should create a password with 12 or more characters and use the unique word.

How to Recover Aol Password without Alternate Email?

Simple steps to recover your AOL password without an alternative email

Do have an access to your alternative email id for resetting AOL password? Then, don’t worry as you can use this method to recover your AOL password by using this simple method. All you have to pay attention to the instructions provided for AOL password reset without alternate email.

Steps to recover AOL password without alternate email:

  • Before starting with the process, you need to launch the AOL login page.
  • Further, you need to login in your account by entering your username.
  • Now, click on the Next button.
  • Thereafter, click on the Forgot password option.
  • Then, again you need to enter your username and click on Next button.
  • Further, you need to enter the phone number linked with your AOL account and request for a verification code.
  • Once you receive a code on your phone enter it in the provided field.
  • Now, click on Next.
  • If verified, you will be provided with an option to create a new password.
  • Then, click on the Save option.

Besides this, if you still have any issues or queries you can reach out to the AOL mail support for desired assistance.

How to Recover Aol Password without Security Questions?

Go through following to reset AOL password without security questions!

You have account on AOL mail but due to some reasons you have been locked out of your account and now, you need to recover your AOL account but you want to gain access to aol password without security questions. You are required to go through following steps to recover your password:

  1. Go to login page of AOL account.
  2. After getting log into your page you are required to click on Trouble Signing In? Option.
  3. Then, enter phone number or username that is associated with your account.
  4. Once you have entered phone number or username, now, you need to click on Continue button.
  5. When you need to recover your account without security questions the other two methods are:
  • Using Recovery Phone Number
  • Using Primary Mail ID
  1. When you choose the option to recover your account through phone number, a code is sent on your phone number.
  2. Enter the phone number on account recovery page.
  3. Follow the on -screen to reset your password.
  4. Another option that you can use to recover your account is through primary mail ID.
  5. You got to provide the address of primary mail in the space provided.
  6. You are sent a mail with link to reset your password.
  7. Open the primary mail.
  8. Click on the link sent by AOL to reset your password.
  9. While resetting the password, you need to make sure that you make the combination of small letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers.

Go through above steps to recover AOL password without security questions.

How to Recover Aol Account on iPhone?

Discover the correct approach for AOL account recovery on iPhone

Have you forgotten your AOL account password and looking forward to recover it? AOL provides fantastic web mail service to the users at the same time it is accessible on various devices. Likewise, the people who are using AOL account services on iPhone might need to it in scenario of forgotten password. AOL users need to ensure that they have to their recovery data, after which the account recovery is fairly possible on iPhone, or any other device. Those who wish to discover the procedure for AOL account recovery on iPhone can learn it through the instructions given below:

  • Unlock your iPhone and open a browser on it
  • Next navigate to AOL website on iPhone browser
  • Then type your AOL account ID in the login field
  • After that select the “I forgot my password” option
  • Then enter your AOL ID again in the required field
  • Next, submit your phone number that is linked to the AOL account on assigned section
  • After that click on call or text option to receive a code in your registered number
  • Then you have to submit that received code in a required field on AOL recovery window
  • Hereafter, your AOL account is verified, then password resetting window will open
  • Now create another password for your AOL account with new combination, then press save button

Besides, during AOL account recovery if any of the users encounter some sort of troubles or completely failed to do it, then it is recommended that they must seek professional help. You can receive technical assistance regarding the recovery of AOL account on iPhone by connecting to its customer service department.

How to Change, Reset, Recover and Delete Excel Password?

How to Reset the Excel Document Password?

Procedure to reset the password of excel document

Excel is a product of Microsoft and is a spreadsheet. It involves the use of calculations, pivot tables etc. it is widely used by the users to save the data on the spreadsheets.

Excel offers a facility of keeping the document password protected. In Excel Password reset process, following steps are involved:

  • Firstly open the worksheet which requires password reset.
  • Once opened, the user needs to select the option of ‘File’ menu in the upper left side of the screen.
  • Then click on the option ’Info.’
  • After that, the option ‘Encrypt Workbook’ should be selected that is next to ‘Permissions’. Then, another menu will come up.
  • Then, choose the option ‘Encrypt with password’. After this, all other menus which were already opened will be closed and a password encryption window comes up.
  • Finally, make the field of password blank and then enter a new password there, then select ‘OK’. The password can be changed by typing the new one and then click ‘OK’.

In case of any assistance or help required regarding the excel sheets, then technical support executive can be contacted by simply dialing the excel password reset number. They will provide complete resolutions to the queries. The information regarding the customer support is provided on the official website.

How to Recover Excel Password?

You have lost your MS Excel document password, and you are unable to open the excel document you urgently. It is an annoying situation, but common. Many people face a similar situation. Most of them waste a lot of time in guessing and trying different passwords. Very few users are familiar with the magical software that can help any user in recovering the lost password within a few minutes.

How do I Manually Recover my Excel Password That is Lost?

  • Download Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software.
  • Install it.
  • Run Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software.
  • You will be asked to link the concerned Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and workbooks file.
  • Keep your eyes in the file saving dialogue appears on your screen.
  • Your lost password will be recovered within a few seconds.

How do I Recover my Excel Password via Excel Password Recovery Number?

If you are not ready to use the Excel Password Recovery Lastic Software, you are suggested to dial the helpline number boast by Microsoft. Excel password recovery number is globally acknowledged for its wide-ranging support and optimum user-friendliness. You may dial it anytime or may make a callback request. Microsoft tech support engineers are committed to delivering high-class support services in any hour of the day. They are not ready to make any type of compromise with the quality of delivered services.