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Gmail Contact Address

Google Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA

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Gmail Phone Number1-646-257-4500, 1-877-355-5787

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Gmail is one of the secured email services used by the billions of users for its error-free mailing features. But sometimes users face lots of technical issues while using their Gmail account. These technical issues can be arrived anytime without any notifications. The majority of these Gmail problems are not easy to resolve by the users by their own. But after dialing Gmail contact number they can fix all kind of Gmail problems with the help of professionals. The team of Gmail professionals is highly skilled and they will fix all technical problems within a short span of time. This number is accessible at 24/7 hours from all over the world.

How to Create Gmail Account?

  • Open to
  • Then further click on the Create account.
  • Again one has to write all the information in the signup form.
  • Further follow the direction and fulfil the required information.
  • One need to first review Google’s Terms of service and Privacy policy.
  • Further checkmark the box and click on Next step.
  • One has to put some recovery option in order to protect your credentials in case of hack.
  • One must enter a secondary email address as well as Phone Number in order to make their account more secure.
  • After once the account is created then Google Welcome page will appear.
  • Just login with the username or email address you have.

How can I Recover my Gmail Account Password without Recovery Phone Number or Recovery Mail?

As nowadays every user has lots of account so it is little bit difficult to remember the password of every account. As users change Gmail password frequently so it might be difficult to remember the password that one entered last week, and even of last month. But Gmail always remember it so it’s not the big issue to recover because Gmail always tell user right away the password. Many times suspicious activity happens or account get temporary blocked at that time we need Gmail password recovery support team to get recovery solution and optimized result.
User can also contact to Gmail helpline number to get support and hence to save time in research.
Several options are available to recover the password. Hence going through a verification process one can set and regain the access of Gmail account without recovery phone number and recovery mail.

  • By Account Recovery Page- If you don’t remember the password and even you don’t have a phone number or alternate email address corresponding to your mail account just try the following option-
    ·    Visit> accounts> recovery to start the process.
    ·    Or click the “Need help?”
  • Click “I don’t know my password”- Enter email address of the Gmail account for which user want to recover. Then press “Continue”
  • OR Enter your last remember password- Enter the last known or remember password to recover the process.
  • Provide little correct information about his account.-This information can be like first and last name, and answer of the security question, birth date of the user, last accessed password, city, town etc. Basically, the Gmail team will try to identify the user through every corner of detail.

Despite of convenient steps if user faces any issues related to same they can call Gmail password recovery phone number to troubleshoot all queries related to Gmail recovery password. They provide instant and top-rated services. Our technicians are available 24/7 hour/day to deal with your Gmail password problems.

How to Filter & Block Unwanted Emails (Spam) in Gmail?

Simple Steps to Filter and Block Unwanted Emails:-

To resolve this problem the gmail has already provided the spam management system. So you can simply filter the spam messages from your inbox and then you can easily block that sender from sending you messages. The simple steps required to do so are explained below:-

  • In order to block the messages from someone or to send them directly to some other folder you can create a separate folder.
  • And for that you can simply start the process by opening a message and then search for the sender that you wish to block.
  • And then you have to simply click on the arrow that appears on to the upper right corner of the screen.
  • As you do so, a drop down menu would display in front of you.
  • There you have to simply select the option of the block sender name.
  • By doing this a confirmation message would would be displayed in front of you.
  • And this would say that future messages from this sender would be marked as the spam.
  • And they would be automatically sent to that folder only so you just need to click on to the block button that is present in the confirmation message.

So this is the simple way of blocking someone so as to end the trouble created by them.If you want to know something else about this process then you can call on the gmail technical support phone number.

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