How to Recover iPhone Account?

iPhone Account Recovery Number

Know About the Steps to Recover iPhone

iPhone is the smartphone designed by Apple and has the iOS operating system software. It has all the features that other smartphones have. There are number of versions of iPhone that are introduced till date.

An iPhone has all the latest features in that. If a user is facing any issue with the phone, the simple steps of restoring the iPhone content can be used. After trying the restore steps, if still the issue persists, the user can try the recovery steps in iPhone. The user has another option also for account recovery and that is dialing the iPhone account recovery number where the assistance regarding the issues will be provided. The recovery process in iPhone is as follows:

  • The user is required to turn off the iPhone 7. For this, the user needs to press and hold the On/Off button for few seconds.
  • The message on the iPhone screen saying Slide to power off needs to be swiped.
  • After that, the volume down button is pressed and held on the iPhone7.
  • Then, the phone is required to be plugged into the Mac or windows PC and the user needs to ensure that iTunes is running on the PC.
  • When there is a message displayed on the mobile screen saying Connect to iTunes, the user is required to release the volume up button which was held.
  • In case of iPhone 8 or the latest versions of iPhone, the recovery is done as follows:
  • Firstly the user needs to ensure that the iTunes should be closed on the Mac.
  • The USB is plugged to lighting cable in the user’s computer.
  • After that, the user needs to plug the USB to lighting cable in the iPhone.
  • Then, the iTunes is opened on the Mac device.
  • Finally the user is required to press and release the button of Volume up and then the Volume down button. Then, the side button is pressed and held by the user till the Connect to iTunes screen comes up.

For any assistance or help, the technical support can be contacted and to reach them, the contact details can be found on the official webpage of Apple.

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