How to Renew SSL Certificate?

How to Renew SSL Certificate

Easiest Way to Do the Renewal of The SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is the certificate that you will be able to get once you make the request for it and it is verified. Once the request is verified then the certificate is either mailed to the person or he can also download it. But you need to make sure that the certificate does not get expired since if that happens then that certificate will be of no use and will never serve your purpose. So before expiring it is mandatory to get it renewed.

Now just in case you are still pondering over how to renew ssl certificate then this article is meant just for you. You can simply follow the steps written here in order to do so:-

  • You have to follow this process at least 90 days before the expiration so for that you have to simply generate a new CSR.
  • Once you do that then you just have to login to your digicert account followed by completing the certificate renewal request.
  • Now as you are done with the request making then the digicert will simply perform a quick cross check verification.
  • Followed by sending the renewed certificate of yours to your contact on the mail ID.
  • Just in case you do not get it on the mail then you also get an option to download it from the account of the digicert.
  • After that you just have to go to the server and there you need to configure the renewed certificate of yours.

In case of any issues you can get in touch with the techies from the company by calling them on the numbers provided.

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