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What Is Google Assistant?

Google is present in every sphere of the market is known to have given the rise in competition. Google and its services and products are so made that they being present in the market provide tough competition to other services. One such product introduced by Google is Google Assistant.

The good news is that Google Assistant is the service that is a virtual assistant in any Android smartphones and smart home devices. This is the Google’s voice-controlled smart system that works just like Siri, Alexa or Cortana.

How to Get Google Assistant via Support Number?

To know how to get this smart voice functioning system, you can refer the points below.

  • For all the Android users, Google assistant can be made available by downloading the application from the Google Application store.
  • All the iPhone users can download the application from its apple store.

Therefore, downloading this interesting service might make you excited to use. You can refer the steps below to know how to use it.

How does Google Assistant Works via Support Number?

Designed, developed, and marketed by tech leader Google, Google assistant is a virtual assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence and enables the users for two-way conversations. It allows the users to add their inputs by natural voice or by typing on the keyboard. This Google product is ideal for adjusting hardware settings on the user’s device, searching the internet, scheduling events and alarms, and present information from the user’s Google account. Here is how it works.

How do I Activate Google Assistant with Tech Support Number?

  • Hold the HOME icon on your smartphone.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds.
  • You will be asked to speak what you want.
  • It will then begin the search process.
  • You can also launch Google assistant by saying OK GOOGLE.
  • Your instruction will not work on your phone screen is locked.

How do Activate Google Assistant by Google Assistant Support?

Most probably you have already activated your Google assistant. We have another option for you if you have not enabled it so far. The officials of Google assistant support are always ready to assist you. To do this job in the best possible way, they have been attending weekly and monthly training sessions conducted by Google management. You may contact them by dialling the official helpdesk number or by dropping an email to the email support department.

What can Google Assistant do?

The “Ok Google” voice commands help you in sending messages, call the person you want from the contact list, guide you to the destination if you are stuck somewhere and much more. Some of the interesting functions performed by it:

  • Find information online, check the weather, book a table.
  • Run reminders.
  • Read your notifications for you

Therefore, as you now are aware of What is Google Assistant, enjoy this service.

How to Set up Google Assistant with Tech Support Number?

Google Assistant was introduced during Google’s developer conference in 2016. Ideal to power two-way conversations, this AI-based voice assistant was designed to work with Google Home, Wear OS by Google, Chrome OS, Android TV, Headphones, Smart Speakers, Google Allo, Smart Displays, Android devices, and iOS devices. You can download this assistant if you are using an Apple device with iOS 9.1 or higher. Go through this page or get in touch with the officials of Google assistant support if you want to know the steps of configuring Google Assistant on iPhone or iPad.

  • Open iOS App Store.
  • Download and install the Google Assistant program.
  • Launch it and make your Google account sign in .
  • The program will now ask you to allow it in accessing a set of data.
  • We recommend you going ahead.
  • Click YES I’M IN.
  • You will be now asked whether you would love to receive Google notifications.
  • You can turn it ON or OFF.
  • Go to the bottom section and hit the Microphone icon.
  • If prompted, enable Google Assistant to access the mic of your device.
  • Click OK to finish the configuration process.

How do I Enable Google Assistant via Customer Support Number?

Troubleshooting steps to enable Google Assistant!
Google assistant is an app that lets you use your voice to search a topic on the internet or you can use it offline to make calls or to set an alarm. But if you are facing any issue in using the Google Assistant app, you can go through following and enable the Google Assistant app accordingly:
Ensure Google Play Services on the device that you need to enable Google Play Services on are updated to 10.2.98 or later. If google play services have not been updated, then, you got to wait until device updates automatically.
Change language of the device to the language from the list that you wish to use Google assistant into with following setting procedure:
1. Go to Device Settings.
2. Click on Language & Input.
3. Change it to the language that you want to use Google assistant into.
4. Ensure Google app has been updated to latest version. If it has not been, then, go through following procedure:
> Go to Google play store.
> Update Google app.
5. Clear cache from Google app. This clears all the previous settings on the Google app. Ensure Google app language has been set to the language that you wish to use Google assistant into.
6. You are required to tap and hold the Home button of the device and a message pops up from the bottom.
However, you can contact the expert on Google assistant support phone number if above procedure does not suffice your requirement.
The executives are adept, professional and provide end to end support to its customers. You can contact the customer care anytime as the helpline number is open round the clock. Benefit of contacting the customer care is that you get quick solution as there is no registration and no sign up issue. Besides making queries about enabling google assistant, you can ask the customer service regarding any other issue concerned with Google Assistant.

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